Welcome to dd32.id.au, I thought the best way to start this WordPress blog would be to start it with an entry about who I am, and what I plan to make of this.

Why did I create this Blog?

My initial reasons to create this blog was to have a single place on which I could base my projects off(eg. AAPT Usage viewer, and the TechTalk Statistics). But with time have decided to also use it for WordPress Plugins, occasional Personal entries(Warning: May be Rants), and articles on things that I wish to teach others on.

What exactly is going to be here?

Things that are coming soon:

  • WordPress DeviantArt Plugin, See it in action on my sidebar, or on my Photography page
  • WordPress Update Plugin, Iā€™ve submitted this as a GSoC project, Weā€™ll see how that goes, however will work on it in my spare time if itā€™s not chosen.
  • Torrent Tracker, Itā€™s in the works, I just need some time to work on interface issues which i want to iron out before releasing to the public.

Article wise, Iā€™m not too sure what you should expect, but Iā€™ve started on a article about ways which you can interface with DeviantArt. (Extending from my development of the DeviantArt WordPress plugin, I found that there are no decent articles online which specifically deals with that task from a programmerā€™s perspective)

Who Am I?

Well now that anyone who doesnā€™t need to know has gotten bored with this and left, Iā€™m Dion, a 19 year old University student at SCU, Currently Iā€™m studying my 2nd year of Information Technology, and hobby PHP Programmer (as well as knowing VB6/VB.Net, and some C++).
I enjoy photography, however at present enjoy looking at it(DeviantArt Favourites).

So Thanks for visiting, As all WordPress blogs, Thereā€™s a RSS feed available; So use it, and I appreciate comments in any form on any of my work.