Kyogle Flood: Jan 2008 Update

Gallery: After effects & Cleanup

Hi Everyone who’s been searching for more information thanks to the near complete blackout of news info (for some odd reason :P)

First up I thought I’d answer some of the questions left in the comments of the previous post

The water never rose above 18.1m, however, most of the photos in the previous gallery were taken before the water peaked. There are some homes that seem to have just escaped in that gallery, However the water rose a bit more, I spent the morning at a friend of the families down near the river, About a foot of water filled the house, Most items left on the floor or near are water damaged, Most of the time was spent removing wet items from the floor and pulling up carpet, Bit distressing for the kids bedroom having to decide what had to be thrown out because of the damage.

Sorry for the lack of description and location on the older photos, I only had time to install the Gallery software and post the images, I’d have liked to give a good location for where each shot was taken from, I’ve added some descriptions. Also, The cameras date/time was incorrect, so the dates shown were out by a few years.

The local Plant Nursery has a few photos and a short video up as well:…

There is some information and photos available on the 1954 flood here:

To my knowledge there hasn’t been any confirmed reports of loss of life, However, There was 2nd hand information that the choppers in the air were looking for 3 boys who jumped off the Bridge into the water, I’ve not seen any news reports about that however, so unable to confirm.

The water from Town has since been dropping, And has flowed onto flood Casino, And is now heading for Coraki(as well as the water from Lismore), Theres some coverage of that here. The entire area has been classified as a Natural Disaster zone

To all those who have family/friends in town, And to all those affected by the flood waters locally and in the region, I wish you luck and hope that you’ve stayed safe.

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  1. Great to finally find some pics/info, I have been trolling the internet for days. Particularly dissapointed at the Kyogle Council’s lack of info. Lismore Council’s website provides up to date info on road closures etc, kyogle council’s website mentions 2 bridges out but that info was an effort to find. The Council’s phone is unattended, still with their message that they will be back from holidays on monday. I called their after hours (emergency only) number for info about road closures, it has a lady that sounds overwhelmed and pretty much in the dark as to what is happening.
    I hope council will revisit their “Flood Strategy”. I am sure their neglect to provide, prticulerly road closure, info has placed an even greater, unnecessary, strain on the SES, who have done a tremendous job, and will be for days to come.
    Many People are stranded during floods and council should keep them informed. It is not hard to put some info up on the website at least, look what you have done here. The Kyogle shire has been decared a natural disaster area, you wouldn’t know it if you visited council’s website.

  2. I am sure it is the same house.

    Just had a look at that with father and a few others, While the homes look similar, Aparantly the Right house in the ’54 flood is one elsewhere on that block.. I’m not too sure myself.

  3. The house on the left hand side of the photo in the ’54 flood pic and the house on the right hand side of the ’08 pic look the same. Were they the 2 you were looking at?

  4. Hi, I just want to say thankyou so much for putting in the time you did to let us all know that could not be there, how everything was going and how everyone was. The pics i have to say were very trubling for me and good at the same time. It is allways good to know that my family that lives in one of the houses that you took a few shots of are ok.

    I do have to say that i am also disapointed in the coverage that the local and national news showed.(practical nothing) I to had been searching the web for a few days for up dates and got nothing. So again i thank you so much for putting the time in such a hectic time..

    From Becky Thomas (Becky Barnett)living in U.S.A ex-Kyogle girl. Sending my love to everyone and if i could be there to help i would.. I wish you all the best…xxxxxxxxoooooooooo

  5. Thanks for the photos. You’re doing a great job.

    Could you take some pics of the Homestead area (where the corner shop is)? Was that under water? There’s a small creek running behind the houses down to the river and that would have risen quite a bit.

  6. Hi, I was wondering if there were any photos of Kyogle road. We used to live just before Hogan’s timber mill on the way out of town. This area did go under in the 54 flood I think. I was wondering how the people on that end managed in this present flood. I wish them all well.

  7. The house on the left hand side of the photo in the ‘54 flood pic and the house on the right hand side of the ‘08 pic look the same. Were they the 2 you were looking at?

    Ah sorry, I may’ve been looking at the wrong house, Allthough they’re similar in style, i could think of a few around there which it could’ve been, But you’re probably right.

    Could you take some pics of the Homestead area

    I was wondering if there were any photos of Kyogle road.

    I dont believe the water flooded any homes in homestead, The majority are on higher ground, Aparantly the homes accross the road from the mill on the flat had overflowing drains, but no home threatening water. While the main road via the petrol stations was blocked off, access to homestead by the high road was ok, and most people out there were AFAIK safe from any water.
    I dont have any photos of out there though.

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