Time to get naked

…Who’s with me? :)

I’ll be participating in CSS Naked Day on April 9th, So to those of you who think your browsers stuffed up, Its not :)

You can find more information over here: http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2008/04/07/strip-down-your-blog-css-naked-day/ and Annual CSS Naked Day

PS. If you missed it: http://dd32.id.au/?naked (Or it hasnt arrived yet :))

(Its a shame my theme has the sidemenu’s before the content… I need to design myself a new theme..)

2 thoughts on “Time to get naked”

  1. If I hadn’t been in another country without my laptop I would have been in. As it happens I’m going to be naked for a while anyway when I start a gradual live redesign.

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