Add From Server (1.2 Update)

Plugin Homepage:

After some feedback i’ve made some changes to the plugin, I’d suggest that all users upgrade to it either manually, Or via the new Automatic Upgrader in WordPress 2.5.

If anyone has any problems with it, Please contact me with the details:

Cheers :)

Changelog (for 1.2):

  • Fixed filename oddness including old directory names
  • Added a check to see if the file exists in the Media library allready
  • Added a check to see if the file is allready in the uploads folder before importing, and if so, simply add it to the database, do not mash the filesystem

dDeviantArt: 1.0

No, Sorry, This isnt a release :(

dDeviantart 1.0 is in the works and will be 2.5 compatible only, I’ve had to make the choice as i’m completely rewriting it, and would like to take advantage of some of the functionality offered by WordPress 2.5.

Much of the problems which have been reported with the previous version will hopefully be solved, The portfolio Pages issue will be gone for once and all(Possibly replaced by WP 2.5’s gallery functionality).
Caching issues will hopefully be gone with a rewrite of the caching ¬†functions, Infact, Most of the code is getting a rewrite, A New options page will debut which will hopefully fit in with 2.5 better (And it’ll not require javascript which is a step forward)

Hopefully i’ll release it in a week or so, Time permitting.

Add From Server (1.1 Update)

Plugin Homepage:

Please note that a update has been made to this plugin.

Changelog (for 1.1):

  • Fixed a bug which causes the original import file to be deleted upon removing from the media library, The file in /uploads/2008/03/ remains however.
    Will now delete the file in the uploads folder instead of the original imported file, However, Be warned, files previously imported WILL remain as they are, and the original import file will be deleted(if you delete from the media library)

(I’m still awaiting for the plugin to be granted access to… along with another 2 plugins)

Add From Server

Plugin Homepage:

I took the challenge:

WordPress 2.5 includes a new Media manager, However, It only knows about files which have been uploaded via the WordPress interface, Not files which have been uploaded via other means(eg, FTP).

So i present, “Add From Server” a WordPress plugin which allows you to browse the filesystem on the webserver and copy any files into the WordPress uploads system, Once “imported” it’ll be treated as any other uploaded file, and you can access it via the Media Library.

You may download the first-version plugin here:
I expect its got a number of bugs in it, And it’ll need some more work on it in the coming weeks, But it works!

Bug Reports: Please direct all bug reportsvia my contact form available here.