Welcome to dd32.id.au, I thought the best way to start this WordPress blog would be to start it with an entry about who I am, and what I plan to make of this.

Why did I create this Blog?

My initial reasons to create this blog was to have a single place on which I could base my projects off(eg. AAPT Usage viewer, and the TechTalk Statistics). But with time have decided to also use it for WordPress Plugins, occasional Personal entries(Warning: May be Rants), and articles on things that I wish to teach others on.

What exactly is going to be here?

Things that are coming soon:

  • WordPress DeviantArt Plugin, See it in action on my sidebar, or on my Photography page
  • WordPress Update Plugin, I’ve submitted this as a GSoC project, We’ll see how that goes, however will work on it in my spare time if it’s not chosen.
  • Torrent Tracker, It’s in the works, I just need some time to work on interface issues which i want to iron out before releasing to the public.

Article wise, I’m not too sure what you should expect, but I’ve started on a article about ways which you can interface with DeviantArt. (Extending from my development of the DeviantArt WordPress plugin, I found that there are no decent articles online which specifically deals with that task from a programmer’s perspective)

Who Am I?

Well now that anyone who doesn’t need to know has gotten bored with this and left, I’m Dion, a 19 year old University student at SCU, Currently I’m studying my 2nd year of Information Technology, and hobby PHP Programmer (as well as knowing VB6/VB.Net, and some C++).
I enjoy photography, however at present enjoy looking at it(DeviantArt Favourites).

So Thanks for visiting, As all WordPress blogs, There’s a RSS feed available; So use it, and I appreciate comments in any form on any of my work.

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hey Dion, I was happy to hear that someone would be working on a update plugin for WordPress as part of the Google Summer of Code. Congratulations on getting accepted!

    I’ve been pondering the challenges of updating web applications for a few years now. A few months ago I blogged about automatic updates for WordPress specifically. The solution is certainly not trivial and those that I come up with seem to always involve tradeoffs. I’m interested to hear others ideas.

  2. Where did you get this wp template? I’ve been looking the whole day for something like this but I’m about to give up :((sorry, I know it’s not really on topic)RegardsNaida

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