Week 2 status report

Only a small update this week. Most of this week has either been spent revising for my exams or waiting for the computer to finish drive images (My main hard drive decided to fail, spent 2-3 days either backing up, or letting it attempt drive images, nothing could image the drive though), not to mention trying to get apache and php playing nice again after the re-install

Whats been acomplished this week.

Not too much, Some FTP Filesystem was written and tested,  Some more theme installation stuff was added in, it should now accept a better range of archive layouts(the folders within the archive, it still only accepts .zip files)

Hopefully i’ll manage some time on the weekend to write some more code,  Or at least a chance to think about how to perform theme/plugin upgrades..

What i’d like to accomplish next week

to Start the plugin installation code, or improve the theme install code more,  I’m mainly focusing on theme installation at present and then planning on porting most of the code over  to the plugin installation routine, It’ll be very similar in the end.

I’d also like to clean up the logic for determing what to display for the update status, at present its code duplicated in both plugins.php and ..-ajax.php. I also need to start documenting the arrays used within the class and add PHPDoc comments to functions.

In addition, The stuff i didnt get done this last week gets shunted into next weeks time slots too:
re-code older stuff if need be,  add nonces to options panel, continue on the filesystme code.

Events of late

Well winters setting in, Its bloody cold to say the least in this house.. Next wednesday (13th) i have by first exam, followed by another 2 on the 20th and 21st, which’ll mark the end of semester for me finally :)

Hopefully i’ll have more news and work on the plugin done by then too.

Oh and also, Is there anyone out there currently using/testing the plugin? I’d appreciate comments from anyone who is testing it as i go,  I try to keep my svn as stable as possible, but not all code paths are used when i’m testing, and its too much of a pain to FTP my code onto my webhost/linux machine all the time to test..