Week 6 status report

Whats been acomplished this week.

  • Started putting together a linux box for testing purposes, the VM was becoming rather clunky in performance, Slackware+Apache2+PHP5(module), also plan on doing PHP4 and hopefully safe mode on/off, and perhaps even PhPSuExec if i can manage them all.. I can handle Virtual Hosts OK, just not yet sure on how different PHP settings will work.
  • Removing Serialized data support, moving to XML.
  • Added Ajax loading of next page worth of Theme Search results
  • Started the Plugin Search interface
  • Cleaned up a bit of code.
  • Added a few filters/actions here and there
  • Few minor modifications of the Requirement checking

Plans for Next Week

  • Continue tidying up the plugin search pages
  • Add Plugin installation methods
  • Improve Filesystem handlers
  • start investigating what needs to be done to achieve a plugin/theme upgrader
  • Add more filters and hooks into the code
  • Start writing some documentation on the hooks
  • Start PHPDoc comments for the filesystem handlers(Only in the Direct filesystem class for now, the others are functionally the same) as well as any other functions.
  • Continue testing under other environments, If someone would like to do testing for me, get in touch.

Problems Encountered so far (And useful resources)

  1. PHP XML Functions contain no useful method to convert XML into a flat array simply, theres the option of several PEAR libraries, or simply using preg_match (Which i have done for now).
  2. Bug #3002 affected my only tester this week.. turned out to be the reason the last plugin he tried didnt work as well.
  3. The documentation which explains adding a hook into a plugins code is rather lacking IMO, It took me awhile to find something which could explain a action with multiple arguements, Infact, I think Ihad to do a grep over the WP source code in order to find something, Writing up documentation isnt my strong point, but IMO a good chunk of documenation needs to be written on the codex.
  4. Oh, and TinyMCE suddenly breaking into non-breaking spaces again, Someone got a plugin to strip out non-breaking spaces?, Else i’ll write one next week.