Week 7 status report

Whats been acomplished this week.

  • Integrated the Plugin Search page with the Plugin Installation pages
  • Added a few filters/actions here and there
  • Plugin installation page checks requirements before installing plugins(If requirements are available from wordpress.org)
  • Started the ball rolling for the wordpress.org integration server side.
  • A Few misc. other things.

Plans for Next Week

  • Improve Plugin Installation methods
  • Improve FS options (And the Options page for it)

Problems Encountered so far (And useful resources)

  1. #4639 came into play this week, in short, the “admin_print_scripts-plugin_folder/plugin.php” doesnt fire if the plugin is in a subdirectory.. Was found as the issue while looking into westi’s comment here: gsoc-week-5-status-report#comment-52

This week was a rather slow week development wise, and this blog entry is running late too, Hopefully next week there’ll be more to report on.