Week 8 status report

Whats been acomplished this week.

  • Redesigning the Filesystem Options page.
  • Localised more strings
  • Improved Requirements Checking
  • Load jQuery via Add_action(This has made the plugin 2.3-only)
  • Prevented Prototype from loading on my pages(Fixes Incompatibilities when a plugin loads Prototype for the entire Admin console)
  • Started moving all external-access functions (Searching, Info, etc) into separate files and loading via filters/actions
  • [From trac patch] Hide edit column completely when plugin not editable
  • Re-designed some of the options page for filesystem.

Note: Not all of the above is checked into SVN yet, expect in the coming days.

Plans for Next Week

  • Finish more work on the options pages.

Problems Encountered so far (And useful resources)

  1. Visual jQuery

Uni semester is starting up again, Business units, PHP/Perl, Java, should be fun..