Week 11 status report

Whats been acomplished this week.

  • Fixed Tag searching of WordPress.org
  • Made a lot of changes to the FTP-Ext class, Re-implemented a few functions which i wasnt happy about, added features to existing functions.
  • Made a move to $wp_update instead of $wpupdate to keep with WP coding
  • Made a move to a global $wp_filesystem class to make the coding simpler
  • Created a functionfolder_diff which relies on $wp_filesystem, used to create output such as this:
    dda-options.php (Changed)
    dda_portfolio.php (Changed)
    ddeviantart.php (Changed)
    inc (Changed)
    inc/dCustom.php (Changed)
    readme.txt (New)
    deleted_file (Deleted)
    same_file (unChanged)
  • Some more work on plugin upgrades
  • Many Many more small bugs which appeared during enhancements (And while testing on linux with FTP)

Plans for Next Week

  • Finally get a non-PHP-FTP-Extension FTP class implemented around the PemFTP classes.
  • More bugfixing (Just watch, more will come out of the woodwork)
  • More work on plugin upgrades, only another step or so left in that code i think.

The time left is Dwindling fast, incredibly fast actually, and uni workloads are increasing twice as fast.. I’m honestly supprised i got so much work done this week. (Yet so little with the time spent argueing with bugs)GSoC, WordPress, wp-update