Final Dash

So its the 17th today, GSoC pens down is officially 5am on tuesday(21st).

That means i’ve got this weekend basically to finish off everything. So what needs doing?

  1. Support for FTP other than via the inbuilt FTP Extension. This is semi done, Turns out the PemFTP library which i was relying on working doesnt seem to work at all for me (Strangely enough), but i’ve found another class PHP FTP which seems its going to work for me (Needs a lot of testing though).
  2. Upgrading of Plugins, this has been sitting there waiting to be done for awhile now, its one of the items i should’ve started with a lot earlier, but i kept putting it off to work on other items which it was to rely on.. Probably done 2/3 of that, just need to write the final copying code( It allready knows which files have changed, which have been deleted, whats new/etc, so it shouldnt be too hard)
  3. Bug Fixing.. Theres a lot more bugs surfacing, Mainly due to some functionality not being as streamlined as i wanted.
  4. Testing.. Theres not been too much testing in a variety of platforms, I was intending for this last part of the time to mainly be testing, but it doesnt look that way right now.
  5. Documentation, Luckely quite a lot of it is easy enough to follow in the files(IMHO), but i’m still going to need to write something down.
  6. Caching! Currently i make great use of the WordPress Obejct cache, however, As most people should know, Its not used for a LOT of wordpress installs. I Guess i need to throw some get_option/set_option in there for caching of the main output? (ie. the current status for the plugins(“Latest Installed” || “Update Available”) etc

What could’ve been done better.

This is something that most people will be writing after their evaluation is done, but hey, Its in the open anyway :)

  1. I came into GSoC not knowing much about the XMLRPC code which wordpress uses, In retrospect, i should’ve built the update server into that, and had it making requests via that for default, However thats not a great issue in my mind, Its only a few code changes in an extension file. At the same time i’d have liked to use RSS, but i didnt get time to locate a decent way to work with that(And representing 2d arrays in RSS to be parsed by a reader is impossible.)
  2. Time Management, I’ve never been good at time management, But i’m getting better..

2 thoughts on “Final Dash”

  1. It’s good that you’ve got all the bits and pieces and only need to glue it together (if I understand correctly). I think your project is one of the two truly “killer feature” WordPress ones, the other being Mike Grouchy’s nested comments. Projects like mine are justly put to the side as a plugin.

    And speaking of plugins, even if your project isn’t good enough to make it into WordPress core, it’ll make a great plugin that I certainly see a lot of people downloading. I have a feeling that users are a lot less demanding than the core developers and I think if it must live as an external plugin, it’ll still be very popular.

    About what you could have done better, we’re always our worst critics. I’m sure everyone else thinks it’s just great (I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I haven’t tried it out yet, but I can see myself doing so in the future (after it’s properly packed and documented and I don’t have my own project and deadlines to attend to), because upgrading is always a bit of a pain).

  2. I agree with Keith, I really think that you have done a great job this summer of code, I honestly wish I had done as well. Regardless of the fact that I got a positive evaluation things that I have had to push to the sidelines(until after summer of code is done, ie. now) really helped me understand a lot about deadlines and realized that its better to be more proactive when your ahead of schedule than scramble when your behind or something unexpected comes up(as it did with me for this summer of code). I really think all of WordPress’s summer of code projects were great, but I thought the work you did was really great and definately set a positive example for me(plus one peice of coding advice you gave me at the beginning really helped alot, so thanks!). Needless to say, I’m sure your evaluation was positive so congrats, your project is was awesome, I hope with continued work now that summer of code is over mine turns out to be half as good!

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