MSN: FailedAuthentication Profile accrual is required

I’m writing a PHP MSN ‘framework’ based on MSNP15 at present, This evening the SSO authentication failed with the following message: (Apologies to not having exact XML)

wsse FailedAuthentication
Failure Code: Profile accrual is required 

The cause? MSN has updated the protocol? Nope, I needed to update the profile for that account, upon logging into MSN messenger with it i was asked to fill out my Birthyear and Country. Upon entering those details in its once again working nicely.

Why blog about this? Well, Why not? Google didnt have any comments for the given failure code, might as well get an explanation out there :)

3 thoughts on “MSN: FailedAuthentication Profile accrual is required”

  1. Hi,

    Nice of you to share this information… an aMSN user just had this issue and he found your post which helped him fix his problem, so I just wanted to drop by and say thank you :)


      1. hehe, what an honor! well you were kind enough to blog about this and you seem to be the first one to encounter the issue, so it’s great help to share the information so others can use it. :)

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