Kyogle Flood: Jan 2008

Update: I’ve been out helping friends affected by the water, And have got some more photos, I’ll be uploading and posting a new entry answering most of the questions as best as i can.
Update2: Next Post

Just a quick post right now, Bringing some photos from the Kyogle Flood of Jan 2008

The Richmond River has been expecting to peak about 18m, Currently its peaked at 18.1m, Theres an online view of the current river height here:

For other rivers in the area, Have a look at the BOM‘s main river level page:

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  1. hi .. have been searching for historical to get an idea of how high the water went. ta heaps for the pics … now I can stop searching. (ex resident)

  2. Thanks for the photos. Unfortunately cant reach any of the family on the phone so its good to be able to see the extent of things. Kyogle didn’t rate too highly on the Brisbane news!

  3. Cool, glad you did this! I’ve been searching all day for photos, miss Kyogle sometimes, hope everyone’s safe!!

  4. Thanks for posting the pics, I’ve been looking for ages to find some. I agree with Anneliese Kyogle hardly got a mention. Mum & Dad are shocked at the amount of water as I’m sure most of the residents were.

  5. Thankyou so much.. i have friends in kyogle and havent been able to get in contact.. i agree with anneliese about brisbane news.. keep safe

  6. Unbelievable!
    We camped a couple of k’s out of Kyogle up to last Tuesday and can’t believe just how much is under water.
    Hope all are safe and recover from the damage soon

  7. Thanks for the great photos. It brings back all sorts of memories.

    I am sure that during 1973 to 1978 it flooded 5 of the 6 years.

  8. Heard the news from the other side of the world. Mum and Dad are camping at the coast at the mo so they probably cant see the damage either. Crazy stuff. Thanks for the pics. Cant believe it has come up so far.

  9. It’s hard to get an idea of where some pics are taken, maybe a general description of the street might assist. Thanks for the pics.

  10. Are those photos actually of the current flood as all your photos are dated 2003. My daughter lives in Kyogle just before the bridge into Geneva and was evacuated 1:00 am Friday night but fortunately the water has only gone to the base of where her house is built on a mound.

  11. I’ll be adding desctiptions to some slowly over the day, I’ve not had time to add them yet.

    All photos were taken yesterday(5th/jan/2008), Sorry about the incorrect time being displayed, i’ve removed the timestamps for now. The cameras time had been reset.

  12. Thankyou so much for some decent photos of the floods. My husband and I grew up in Kyogle and have not been able to find anything in the media about the floods. It is hard to believe that there was so much water.

  13. Great to finally find some pics/info, I have been trolling the internet for days. Particularly dissapointed at the Kyogle Council’s lack of info. Lismore Council’s website provides up to date info on road closures etc, kyogle council’s website mentions 2 bridges out but that info was an effort to find. The Council’s phone is unattended, still with their message that they will be back from holidays on monday. I called their after hours (emergency only) number for info about road closures, it has a lady that sounds overwhelmed and pretty much in the dark as to what is happening.
    I hope council will revisit their “Flood Strategy�. I am sure their neglect to provide, prticulerly road closure, info has placed an even greater, unnecessary, strain on the SES, who have done a tremendous job, and will be for days to come.
    Many People are stranded during floods and council should keep them informed. It is not hard to put some info up on the website at least, look what you have done here. The Kyogle shire has been declared a natural disaster area, you wouldn’t know it if you visited council’s website.

  14. Thanks for the pics – very much appreciated! We are stuck at home for the moment as we have our causeway still flowing too strongly to cross and the bridge is out up our end of the road, even if we could cross – so guess it will be a while til we get into town. No NSW TV reports either so it was good to be able to get a bit of an idea. Thank goodness that power and phone lines have been OK. And thank goodness for the ABC radio reports!!!


  15. Thanks for the great photos. Especially the ones taken from the road going down to the viaduct to the lower oval at the high school. I used to live just across the railway line overlooking this oval. It brought back many memories of the floods I used to watch rising in the 70’s and 80’s.

  16. These are really good photos, I guess they are taken near the flood peak. My relations in Canada found them while looking for information on the flood. I agree Kyogle Council provided poor info throughout the danger period. Many thanks for the photos as we live about 15k out of town near Cawongla and up high so it was hard to appreciate the affect the flood had.

  17. Hi, I just want to say thankyou so much for putting in the time you did to let us all know that could not be there, how everything was going and how everyone was. The pics i have to say were very trubling for me and good at the same time. It is allways good to know that my family that lives in one of the houses that you took a few shots of are ok.

    I do have to say that i am also disapointed in the coverage that the local and national news showed.(practical nothing) I to had been searching the web for a few days for up dates and got nothing. So again i thank you so much for putting the time in such a hectic time..

    From Becky Thomas (Becky Barnett)living in U.S.A ex-Kyogle girl. Sending my love to everyone and if i could be there to help i would.. I wish you all the best…xxxxxxxxoooooooooo

  18. Great to see so many pics and the clean up ones. I’d suggest that since the last upheavel at the council in recent years, perhaps it wasn’t possible for anyone to do the updates or provide info. Maybe the workers were unable to get in to work?

  19. Great photos. I grew up in Kyogle and still have rellies there, thankfully all safe and well. I live in the ACT now and there was very little media coverage here so thank you.

  20. I have a block without a house on the top or bottom yet 13-25 Kyogle Rd Kyogle. If you follow Fawcett rd to the t intersection on Kyogle rd, that is the bottom bit (nr 25). I was flooded in at Nimbin and could not get there to see the flood all over my property. Did anyone else get photos ? I would sure appreciate some to check out the damage. My neighbour said houses round mine were evacuated, and her mobile was flat so she couldn’t take photos. I believe the top bit of my land (crnr Campbell and Kyogle rd, aka the Anglican church carpark) remained dry. Obviously that is where I will build my home!! please email photos from near my block anyone?!! Pampussycat =^+^=

  21. Thanks for the pics. Its always interesting to see pics of Kyogle in Flood. Growing up there they were always
    about 50 foot floods. This one apparently was around 60 foot. If anyone has closer pics of Fawcetts Plain that would be awsome to see, as it looked like an ocean even in those smaller floods. Gee the “netball lake” hasnt changed much.

  22. Nice Pics, Damn thats alot of Water! Did you get anymore pics of the Joinery near the train via duct, my uncle owns the place, just need to see the extent of the damage.

  23. Funnily enough more news on the flood on rural radio in N.Z. Strange that!!!And Yes It was a hell of a lot of water, I live in one of the valleys that supply the creeks and tributaries and have never seen or heard so many waterfalls in this generally quiet neck of the woods.

  24. Thanks for posting the pics.I grew up in Kyogle and my father still lives there.Many times we had to help move the old golden fleece servo but it looks like the new caltex still suffers the same fate.Thanks again for the pics.

  25. Have family down in Kyogle, dad grew up there, and we only came back from there a little while ago. Can’t believe the photos, you know where the pics are taken from but just can’t believe the water is all around it.
    Parents are hoping to go down in a couple of weeks.

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