GSoC2008: “Plugin Installation via Web interface” Proposal

Following on from the Plugin upgrader, I feel it would be beneficial to also allow plugins to be installed from the wordpress web interface directly from

I propose to extend the API on to allow for plugin querying(select a list of plugins based upon tags, plugin name, and/or search term, as well as select featured, popular, or recently updated which are currently availale via a RSS feed)

As well as adding a “Plugin Install” tab on the Plugins page of WordPress.

Part of the work has been quickly scratched together on the Trac ticket by myself: however was only Proof of concept, and only works with plugins which are currently delivered by a RSS Feed.

I intend on working on the ticket and submitting patches to the WordPress core code for 2.6.

I invision the plugin installation page having a set of tabbed headings accross the page(Or as a side menu) to select the area to grab plugins from, Eg:
| Featured | Popular | Recently Updated | Tagged | Search |

And a table similar to the plugins page listing a page of plugins which matches the criteria.
I would expect the page to be Paged to 50 items or so to a page to allow quick skimming of lists, as well as not having too many pages to filter through.

The Tabs would be hookable, So a plugin can add an extra plugin source, or remove a source depending on the blogs intended uses.

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