Migration to GoogleApps for your domain

Last night i moved my email services onto GoogleApps.

Why? well, there were 2 main factors:

  • Spam: I get lots of spam, Most have been caught by spam Assasin, But it was really taking a battle with the hoster, I could watch the process list and see myself high on the list with spam assasin scanning email
  • Uptime: My current host’s uptime has been all over the place lately, And while not a problem for my WWW, Email is something i like to have reliable service of, Google Apps has been working pretty nicely so far today, Quick POP3 Access(See my IMAP note down below), Archiving of email online, Being able to access it anywhere anytime

What went wrong? Well.. Lots of things actually.

  • I broke my DNS.. For an hour last night i had no mail servers, Took me a good hour to work it out too.. Turns out, That if you use shorthand notation in a Bind zone file, you need to put them all together, I tried grouping them(NS, Mail, Web, Other), Which didnt work, i had to group them by server address instead..
  • Google’s Email’s IMAP service is broken!, How useful is that, it took me awhile to work out why i was getting 2 emails for every email recieved.  Opera can probably work around it by making the Message ID + content a unique value i guess.. But why should Opera do it when its Gmail’s fault? If gmail chooses to show an email in multiple folders, the client is going to follow suit, Why  cant they just show the email in one folder? Or use Imap keywords as the linked article says?
  • Need a new WWW host, Honestly, My current host is great, Bur.st Networking runs a great service, unfortunately its dieing, Not many people continue to donate, and the load is getting high. This is one of the reasons i’ve moved off them, To ease the load. I’ll continue to host my DNS with them however, Being able to edit my own Zone file directly is great. Any thoughts on a new WWW Host? Dreamhost has been mentioned, Site Ground has been mentioned, And also has NearlyFreeSpeech (However, their pricing is too confusing for me :P) and theres even Ebay advertised hosting for dirt cheap thats likely to be so overloaded, its not even worth considering… However, Their main website loads fast enough.. maybe its hosted on a different server..

Lets see how the next few days pan out.. Hopefully google will continue to perform, Hopefully my WWW will stay up, Maybe i’ll move onto someething new, maybe i’ll end up with a dedicated server, Who knows hey?

(Oh, Dedicated server, I wish i could afford it.. :P)

One thought on “Migration to GoogleApps for your domain”

  1. Hi! There’s a list of free webhosts at http://www.free-webhosts.com and I used them to find http://www.free-space.net.

    I kinda did the same thing as you in reverse, i.e. I started with googleapps which was great, then I added the free-space nameservers to my dns settings at godaddy. Oops…I totally lost all my links to google apps. I know you’re not tech support but you seem to know what you’re talking about and was wondering if you could share what you did to get your mail servers back. On a scale of 1-10 for technoliteracy, I’m probably a 3, and have a barely functional understanding of how DNS pointers work. I’ve been trying to google for solutions the whole day and I’m not getting anywhere.

    What I want is for my subdomains intranet.mydomain.com and mail.mydomain.com to point to googleapps whilst my http://www.mydomain.com points to my soon-to-be public website at free-space. Can you help? Thanks.

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