Week 4: Coding behind closed doors

As my webhost is down; I’m writing my status report here directly this week, And will post to my blog later.

Current Status:

  • API: Working locally, Still need to figure out how to use the Plugins tracker code to get a useable plugin zip location (From memory: I couldnt work out the input requirements for the function, The fact i have no useable data other than the core plugin and which meta keys the usual data is stored in isnt helping, But getting access to working test data isnt allways the fastest when people have a life to lead :))
  • Plugin Install in WordPress:
    • Interfacing with API: Pretty much working
    • Searching, Browsing, Etc works
    • Installing plugins Works too, Some code has been duplicated from the upgrader, And some code moves from the update main files to a generic common center location (misc.php / file.php)
  • Install Confirmation dialogue hasnt been started, I’m waiting on getting the API working before proceeding there.

So far i’ve been coding behind closed doors, Simply because I prefer to release code which works, So far this has just been delayed more as 90% of
the code relies upon the API to be operational. I personally do not mind re-coding large chunks of work, So with that in mind, I’d appreciate it
people were to read over the current code, While you’ll not have much luck in using it yet (I’ll get around to working in some test data if the API
doesnt come good this week), Some comments on the code flow would be appreciated.


Ah, Right:
The wp_generate_tagcloud function has been changed in that patch, Its able to be re-used now, Infact, I’ll submit a trac ticket for that in a moment
if theres not allready one.

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