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Well, If you’re a RSS reader, Please come on over to check out my new Site Layout.

I’m slowly putting this back together with a new theme, So take note of any major bugs which you notice, and give me a yell. I know IE is going to be a bit picky, i’ve done my best (And most of them are ironed out) but of course, it’s doing seemingly random things. (Took me 2 hours to get a padding error with the sidebar in IE destroying the post alignments, Still havnt got the footer working right in IE)

Some things to note:

  • First and foremost – A bit of a face look
  • Gravatars are supported now, On the commenting form, You’re avatar should appear when you add your Email address, IF you do not have a Gravatar Avatar, Head on over to and get one :)
  • Post Primary categories are now shown before the Post title, Previously they were added manually (Eww..)
  • Homepage is now not my Blog entries, Its destined to be a quick access page to the various locations on, My plugins, Summer of Code, And other applications will be featured. (Oh, As well as Galleries/images attached to various posts).
  • Homepage will probably also include ramdom images/sites i come accross — We’ll see.
  • A few technical things which i’m proud of in there too, It’d be supprising to some people the ammount of custom code for this theme (only 800lines for functions.php)
  • Bugs’a’Plenty

Well thats all for now.

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