Week 8/9 Status Report

Last weeks status report was missed, There was not much to report in terms of progress & with Uni starting again this week..

Progress has returned to a slow pace, The API has started being integrated into api.wordpress.org – Once that is complete, The plugin installer/browser should be able to be commited into the wordPress 2.7 trunk, theres still a lot more work to do, But theres another few months to finish it up while its in trunk, and people can report back on whats working, and whats buggy.

A few changes are needed to the plugin information dialogue, The dialogue might be better integrated as a generic plugin browser – so that the upgrader can utilise it as well, this would allow users to get a bit more information about the plugin update before upgrading – Currently theres a link to wordpress.org, having that as linking to a thickbox plugin page would allow users to stay within wordpress, yet get all the information related to the plugin.

Furthur to that last point, It might be possible to have each plugin item link to their respective plugin information page (If wordpress.org hosted) – This could allow for future integration between the WordPress.org plugins directory and Self-hosted wordpress installs, For example, rating plugins from within WordPress (Which was a requested feature of the installer actually).

 On the coding front, I’m not currently at home, so i cant really compare whats actually changed since last report, but AFAIK, Most of the activity has been cleaning up and modularising quite a lot of code, I looked at adding a Progress meter at some stage, However came up against a pretty nice brick wall when i realised there is not any decent pre-made progress bars written in Javascript/jQuery, Yes, theres a few half-attempts at them, but none which are what i would call, Useable. this basically meant that i ended up combining 2 jQuery progress bar plugins into one giant mess (Me not understanding how to write a jQuery plugin didnt help i’m sure) – So that was a pretty bad loss, I reverted all the progress bar changes and decided to have another crack at it later perhaps.


PS: SCU; Your fire alarm has been going off in 2 of your computer labs for 10 minutes allready, Why has no-one noticed, and for that matter, Why are all us students just ignoring it?

2 thoughts on “Week 8/9 Status Report”

  1. Since you seem to be in pretty close contact with the WordPress.org peeps I thought I’d make a suggestion here.

    I don’t know what the interface to your new plugin browse/install is like (I should probably load it up and try), but I suspect it’s going to be at least a little restrictive compared to browsing through the /extend/plugins page. I know there are significant security issues at play, but I wonder whether it wouldn’t be possible to use cookies somehow to provide an “Install Plugin” link on the WordPress.org/extend/plugins pages if you’re currently logged in with admin rights to your blog. That would be awesome.


  2. Well, To an extent i believe it might be a simpler use from the users perspective.

    Go check out this video http://dd32.id.au/2008/07/06/progress-video/ for an example (I suggest downloading the small video, not the flash…)

    More data is generally at the users fingertips for each plugin with a limited number of pageloads needed, The searching functionality is the same as on wordpress.org, except it also supports paging of search results, as well as better author searching.

    Also, You cant load it up and try it out yourself :( the API is not available to general users yet.

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