Week 11 Status report

Nothing much to report..

I’ve been doing a bit with SwfUpload and installing a plugin via upload, That so far is working, but needs cleaning up a fair bit — I’m still getting used to Swfupload, as well as handling non-flash uploads

Some more work has been done on integrating the user experience between the installer/upgrader/plugin browser, It’d be nice to work out if the page is being loaded via Thickbox or directly, and serve the correct headers, but i have a feeling that’ll be too much work, and as such, should just expect thickbox items to be thickbox served. The other item is the Action links after an upgrade has taken place, due to the error box for re-activation box taking up so much room, the action links are shoved furthur down the page.
One option might be a javascript to increase the height of the iframe to show errors..

3 thoughts on “Week 11 Status report”

  1. I’ve been running into a problem with swfupload loaded inside of a thickbox, wondering if you knew what was going on.

    Actually it works a treat in every browser, FF, Safari, Opera, you name it, just not the usual suspects-IE6+7.

    Somewhat unsurprisingly, the flash doesn’t even load. Have you run into this problem? Any ideas how to fix it?

  2. Like many coding problems, if at first you don’t succeed, start again from scratch.

    I did just that and what do you know, problem gone.

    Thanks for your help and your reply

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