Week 12 Status

Well, Today (monday) is supposably the end of coding for SoC.

Am i finished? Heck no. The last few weeks have been *very* slow moving due to Uni & life commitments, But theres no reason why the installer will not be polished & nice by the time 2.7 is released (slated for November 10th, Gee, Uni exams start on the 3rd, I hope people get all the testing done before then please!)

I’m still working on Plugin upload .zip => Install & planning on starting to implement #7395.

I need to go over some of the code and make sure that all wordpress.org data is treated as  non-trusted data (That is, The data returned from the readme’s needs to be sanitized, so probably needs running through kses), of course, I dont have much choice but to trust the .php files :)

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