Calling Translators

This is a shoutout to all the plugin translators who’ve submitted a translation for Add From Server.

I’ve got version 2.0 in the works which is a complete rewrite of the previous version, which’ll hopefully get rid of a few long standing bugs, The main thing to note with this version, Is that it’ll be WordPress 2.7+ only.

I have decided to only support the latest stable branch of WordPress in my plugins, The main reason for this decision is that as someone who runs the latest trunk/nightly all year round, Its incredibly hard NOT to take advantage of new functionality in the latest versions of WordPress, As it is, I wait until the version is the latest stable before including those functions in my plugins though. The other pushing point, is that you need to keep your WordPress updated to the latest stable for security purposes, As with all applications, There are security flaws which are found all the time, Keeping up to date will greatly help keeping you and your blog safe.

Anyway, Back to the point, If you’ve submitted a translation, Please download Add From Server 2.0-alpha and correct the translations.

If you’re running WordPress 2.7, Then please give the plugin a test and submit any bugs you find to me at

Cheers all :)