New Camera?

So I want a new camera.. Any suggestions?

Currently I’m considering a Canon G10 or Canon SX10IS, Price? Under 600.

I know theres some 2nd hand gear available in the DSLR market, And I might be interested there too, But I’m questioning how much of a learning curve it could be, or alternativly, If I’d really get results that I’d like.. A P & S takes some of that work out of the picture, which makes it a bit easier on the mind..

Thoughts? Sugestions?

Oh, a 2nd hand G9 or S5IS was considered too, but 2nd hand they’re going to near, or more, than the newer models on ebay, And i cant seem to see anything  being sold on any other site i know of.. So maybe some locations for 2nd-hand gear too?

3 thoughts on “New Camera?”

  1. I’d recommend any of the Canon IXUS range. I think they’re still made and should be in your price range. I’ve owned a couple now and they’re a quality point and shoot, IMO.

    1. I know the IXUS range definately is, I’m wanting something a step up from the general P&S range though.. Will have to compare them a bit more though..

  2. There’s not much of a learning curve with DSLRs, since there’s always the auto modes available. There’s just a lot more room to grow with a DSLR. Just keep in mind that DSLRs are far less portable than point-n-shoots.

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