Outlook Express sends email, But leaves it in the Outbox

Had a odd one the other day.

Customer came in with a laptop, Apparently it would send emails multiple times, Sounds odd..

Outlook would show that there was a“Warning” during the sending process… but didn’t actually  tell you what it was. The email would be sent fine, just get left in the outbox to be sent again on the next send/recieve phase.

The problem? Outlook Express 6(that comes with XP) has a maximum mailbox size of 2GB for the Sent Items folder. Sounds crazy, But lots of people seem to have had that problem, Many seem to end up creating new Outlook profiles.

(This particular instance, There was over 6GB of email in total, 2GB in sent items, 3GB in Deleted, and the rest in the inbox, Over about 2 years..)

One thought on “Outlook Express sends email, But leaves it in the Outbox”

  1. Wow thanks i didnt know that. I had a client with the same issue and i searched and searched and came across this post and it works.. thanks

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