Announcing WordPress Automatic Installer

Good evening peoples.

I’d originally been planning on announcing/releasing this at another time, but plans have fallen through. So instead, Its happening now. This is a small preview video of whats to come, All in all, the  script (as you see it below) is ready to go, I have a few more things i want to add to it, but for now, its working quite nicely, Installing WordPress and configuring it all in one sweep, in under 65KB of code (Which might i add, Could be made much smaller, But I’m using WordPress Libraries – HTTP + Filesystem + WP DB + Various Functions for the ease of use they provide)

Now, Onto the video, Its a 1024x800px video, So i’m not sure how this is going to embed, I’m trying out Vimeo for this, But heres a direct link to the file anyway: WordPress Automatic Installer

I’ll be posting a link to download the script/App in the coming days, I’m not going to be very available in the next few days, So i’m delaying it until i’m available to answer questions/etc. If you’ve got any, ask away in the comments, and i’ll write a FAQ up based off them.

I fully expect this Vimeo video to be unwatachable due to the resolution.. So the above xvid may be the only way, Or wait till mid week for a post with images instead.. (I found clicking the full screen icon helps a lot)

Over 14,000 lines of code (Much from the WordPrss Libararies)
520KB worth of code before my custom Builder/minimiser hits it
228KB worth of code after my custom minimiser hits it
65KB worth of code after Gzip’d and Base 64’d for distribution.
1 file installer – Yep, No need to upload 8MB of files, just a single 65KB file, and let your web browser do the rest.

Edit: I’ve promised people alpha’s of this, and never gotten around to it, Simple reason has been that i’ve been having less time available for WordPress, and i just need to get things out there rather than letting them be tested, So run a much, go make conspiracies about what  my code may bring, But return and review  the code when its released in a few days.

Oh one more thing, I need a name! So start suggesting names, “WordPress automatic Installer” it is for now, But i’ve got 3 others in mind, of course, the domains are taken on all of them, So if you’ve got something you think is a go-er, Send me a email via my contact page, I’m sick of people squating on good domain names..

Oh, One more thing! The Carrington Blog theme SUCKS ASS. Not only did i have to recode crap in it, but now i find out the content column is more than just fixed width, its damn scrollbar width…. I wish i had the time to actually code something decent for myself once in awhile instead of giving back to the community..

12 thoughts on “Announcing WordPress Automatic Installer”

    1. WordXPress or WordPress XPress actually seemed like a good idea :)

      …But theres a plugin called ‘XPress’ to embed porn videos in blogs.. so.. I guess that names out.

    1. I wanted to stay with the Press theme too.. But i Want to have it related to WordPress as well, As well as leaving the options open for other additions..

      InstantPress is pretty much taken already, Since it doesn’t really relate to anything specific, InstallPress seems a bit.. Doesn’t have the same ring to it for me

  1. Awesome work, man! This installer could make the already-easy WordPress install even easier, for people who get nervous about editing the config file and uploading tons of files.

  2. Wow! Impressive stuff.. that beats the crap out of the 5 min install :)
    Awesome work and it seems to be quite flexible, I mean you can even choose which plugins you want (would be cool if Akisment is activated by default though ;) )

    I’m really looking foward to this!

    1. I thought it’d take about 5 minutes myself… then it was done in about 2.5 and thought “damn..”

      Still not 100% sure what I’m going to do with plugins, which ones, if they should be auto-activated, etc..
      I think thats a discussion for beta testing, which may start next week once i get a site of its own up and running :)

  3. Hey Dion, again thanks for the awesome work you put into this project (I’m ‘xibe’ from the WP Trac, the one who suggested this idea – wow, nine months ago!

    I’ll be happy to help polish this thing up by testing and everything: if there’s a mailing-list for tester, please sign me up :)

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