How to do it right! (Part 0)

And another series is born.

How to do it RIGHT.

My writing skills are severely lacking, And so is my ability to explain things sometimes,  and i’ve not contributed much back into the developing community of recent.. So this has spawned my new idea..

The series will be aimed at explaining how to achieve things in WordPress in a up to date manner, Aimed more at Theme Functions.php and Plugins rather than a Theme perspective.

So, To those few who are currently subscribed, Please comment with any ideas of what you’d like to see me write about, I’ll be starting off with some rather basic postings, but aim to keep the technical level around mid-range, with more advanced topics covered as well.

It is likely that i’ll repeat what is said in a few other blogs, but i hope to write it in a more understandable, and future proof manner, without the ancient hold-overs which I’ve seen over the past year..

My other thought was writing a sample plugin, and using that as the basis for the entire series, or maybe thats a different series, To build a semi-complex system, from the ground up, to solve a problem, and looking at the steps needed to solve it.. Any suggestions for plugins? I have something in mind, specifically, solve those problems some people think “Just can be done with WordPress”.

7 thoughts on “How to do it right! (Part 0)”

  1. I’d like to see a definitive post_meta write-up, especially how it relates to post revisions and autosave.

    I’d also be interested in some discussion around uninstall best practices for plugins (I’ve read recommendations that plugins should clean up any DB keys, but I can see a few reasons to leave those keys around).

    Lastly (well, not really, but I’ve got to get back to work) I’d be grateful for some best practices for using custom query vars.

    I’m looking forward to this series.

    1. Post meta might be a difficult one for me, as its not something i actually use, infact, i dont think i’ve ever once used post meta……

      Un-install is something that has been covered many times before, but would be a good article in a series of best practices.. and so would custom query vars perhaps, integrating that with WP_Rewrite would make it a decent article.

      Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Judging from regular questions in wp-hackers, a few tips about wp_rewrite and how to add custom URLs should be useful. This subject lacks a definitive and extensive write up.

    1. Thats on the cards FOR SURE.

      I wrote a example plugin a long time ago to show someone how to use WP_Rewrite, but it doesnt make full use of the API, and today, It will also not be the most efficient..

      A article writing a basic plugin to add a custom URL or 2, querying specific content, and avoiding excess WordPress baggage while doing so, will feature, at some point.

      (Thanks for the Twitter update too)

      1. Would anyone have an example of what they’d like to see implemented on this one?

        Querying posts, pages, custom content?

        Querying based on meta keys, or custom taxonomies maybe?

        I’m thinking Custom taxonomies, and also a plugin with its completely own content. Not sure how to do custom taxonomy example without a crap-tonne of extra code to insert the data in the first place.

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