Opera IRC Auto-reconnect

So, we all love using Opera as our browser, right? How many of you use IRC in Opera too? *cricket chirping*

Ok, Well, I do, and unfortunately Opera doesn’t support IRC auto-reconnection, this is rather annoying when you consider that hibernating the laptop will cause IRC to disconnect, and it doesn’t re-connect upon resuming windows.

“Simple, Just click Connect every time you resume!” yes well, I forget and can often not be on IRC for hours because of that.

So a solution. Add the IRC server to your speed dial! 

That might sound a bit strange, but it works, Simply add irc://irc.freenode.net/ (or your favourite IRC server) to your speed dial, sure enough, when you open a new tab next time you use Opera, the icon will refresh, the refresh triggers a re-connect if there isn’t already a connection! (Make sure you also have the channels you use in your connections outgoing-commands section)

It’s not perfect, but it’s doing the job for me :)