Random photos from Last Week (20090720)

Seems this might become a weekly/fortnightly series.. Random photos from the places I end up visiting.

Note that they’re most likely almost always going to be taken with my phone (Nokia 6220 classic – 5MP of overrated megapixel goodness) so the quality is nothing great, but certainly nothing to be ashamed of for such a small package!

My WordPress Plugins..

This is just a note to all the users of my various plugins.

As of today, All my plugins are going to be moved to a maintenance only release cycle.

The reasoning for this?

  • I have -dev branches of all my plugins with new great features, better written, and better UI..
  • Unfortunately however, I do not actually use the plugins myself anymore
  • Which means:  That the plugins are written in my spare time only, and i have no pressing reason for me to spend time i do not have spare working on them
  • And I initially wasnt going to mention this, But part of the reason are grumpy end users Yes, I mean you, Those of you who just complain and bitch when something doesn’t work 100% of the way you expect, completely ignoring any technical considerations, or knowledge of anything related.

So to continue on the line of that last one.. Sorry to those of you who love my plugins, and the very small minority of those of you  who have ever shown the appreciation, Hopefully the plugins will continue to fulfill your current needs, and hopefully the next versions of these plugins will be worth while the wait.

Perhaps those of you who use open source/free applications/plugins/themes/tutorials should take a moment to thank those who make it happen, to make it worth while their time and effort, There are many more like me, who instead of working on new things or new versions, simply toss it aside, and leave users hung out to dry.. I’m not interested in doing that, But at the same time, For the benefit of few, I’m not going to put great effort in anymore for things which either i dont use, or i dont feel like solving.

To that last point, Things i like solving..  I like to Automate things, Thats what most of my plugins will generally aim to do,  automate a process which you could do manually, but would prefer not to. The WordPress Plugin upgrader, Plugin Installer, Theme Upgrades and Installs, Pars of the WordPress Core upgrader, etc. The main reason behind them has been to automate a rather manual process and  make it simpler for end users.. End  users you’ll probably never hear from.

Ironically, Seems someone else may’ve taken this thought from a similar aspect the other day:

Two things happened this morning which started me thinking. First, I read Zed Shaw’s rant[Dion: See next link] about how he thinks he deserves more recognition and money from his Open Source work; and second, I looked at my pile of t-shirts, and realized that while I have 4 Google t-shirts (one from August 2006, when I interviewed there; and three from Google Summer of Code), I don’t have a single t-shirt from any company which is using code I’ve written.

and another (Which talks about why he uses the GPL, you’re better off reading the entire articles rather than just my sniplets..)


My final reason for using the GPL is I think my projects have value, and I want people who use them to perceive that value in them. I think they are so valuable that I’m willing to put a complex untested legal document down as my bet to their utility. If I wanted it easy I would simple BSD license it and everyone would use it.

I want people to appreciate the work I’ve done and the value of what I’ve made.

Not pass on by waving “sucker” as they drive their fancy cars.

I can relate to both of these people.. If you use one of my plugins daily.. Or love a feature of WordPress i’ve helped with.. Then show your appreciation, A simple thanks would go a long way, I’m not begging for money, or goods, or for you to shout my name to the neighbourhood, Just reconise that you know i’m there perhaps.. Or that you use my Software, and love it :)

(I’m actually in a similar situation to Colin, What Schwag have i recieved? Well, GSOC which started my main Open Source-ness, 2x GSOC T-Shirts(2007, 2008) & the accompanying ~$5k which comes with that( For time put in, IIRC the return in AUD is about $7/hr, GSOC is about the experience and the learning rather than the money however), 1x WordPress Hoodie (Thanks!  Too small for me now though), Oh and how could i forget, A postcard from Automattic. W0uld’ve I done what i’ve done without those? Definately, Do I want more? Well.. More is always nice :) But in reality, No. The money doesnt mean much to me at all, As long as i can live day-to-day, I’ll be right. Some appreciation once in awhile from certain people would probably weigh over the negitive feedback from the minority I’m sure.

EDIT: How could i forget… Thanks to you-know-who-you-are, another WordPress developer who also recently donated $20 via paypal, to say thanks for the code i’ve contributed which he in turn has been able to take advantage of. Not publishing your name.. unless you read this and A-OK it :) Sure, $20 isnt much in the scheme of things, but its the “thanks” part of it that matters (And hey, an extra hour i can relax on the weekend!)

So.. Go hug a developer today, Or show appreciation to those who’s plugins or WordPress features you use, I’m sure they’ll be glad to hear it.