Seriously, Why do people INSIST on setting trac “version”‘s to the latest stable release? I mean, Seriously?

Ok, Fair enough, The bug exists still, But thats why the milestone is set to a higher number!

I think i’d rather know that the bug is a problem in 2.5 and up (version == 2.5, milestone == 2.9) than that its possible 2.7.1+ (version == 2.7.1, milestone == 2.9)

Happy New Year, Welcome to 2009

Welcome to 2009, The year of the Dinky Donkey, or to be more specific, The International Year of Astronomy.

Hope everyone has had a decent end of year celebration.. Time to get back to work though :)

DeviantArt DiFi documentation

While rather non-complete, I just came across this wiki documenting some of the DeviantArt DiFi code, Unfortunately it hasnt raised anything new for me, other than the Class names and the fact that no, Resources::htmlFromQuery is probably the best known solution for getting Deviations from a query.

(Yes, Once again, I’ve got motivation to get the dDeviantArt plugin working again)

DiFi — Botdom Documentation.