Death to all…

..Who use

if ( $_POST['something'] )

its NOT cool!

Also, WTF?

if ( print_r( $options, 1 ) != print_r( $newoptions, 1 ) ) {

Also, As sure as i am that there was good reasoning behind it.. Who was the moron who decided to let the P2 theme look like ass under Internet Explorer? Seriously! As much as a lot of us hate coding for it, Its something we, As web developers, have to do. Just because you’re a firefox junkie doesn’t mean you should ignore those around you… like junkies…… Plugin Information API

Just a quick note, I’ve written a quick doc on the input and output of the WordPress Plugin Information API which is used by the WordPress 2.7 Plugin Installer, You can find the docs here:

I thought i’d publish this note here, Since at the moment, Theres no way to get to any pages on this blog other than by the direct url.. :)

New Host

Well, I finally made the jump.

I’m in the process of moving all of my domains onto a VPS run at SliceHost, I just finished setting up Lighthttpd/PHP5/MySQL/VHosts/URL Rewriting…

If you’re seeing this post, The DNS must’ve propogated finally.. Not sure what else to say, other than, Look out PHP Processes (Its a fcgi setup at present)

Damn Buggy Software!

Well, Thats that, Over the last few weeks i’m sure some people have noticed nice large lovely 500 Error messages on my blog, And i’ve finally fixed it.

Well, Sort of.

It appears to have been caused by a conflict between the Buggy PHP 5.0.5 which my Host runs, and the new HTTP API in WordPress 2.7, The solution? Well, for the past few weeks its been to manually modify some of the source to remove statements which would blow up PHP (ie. replace SITEURL with  get_option(‘siteurl’), which actually just returns SITEURL…. – Note: Thats mearly an example, and not the actual changes i’ve made)’

..Until it happened again today. Finally had enough, I fired up SSH and took a look into it:

me@host:~/www/wordpress$ php index.php
FATAL: emalloc(): Unable to allocate 3768593271 bytes
me@host:~/www/wordpress$ php index.php
Segmentation fault
me@host:~/www/wordpress$ php index.php
Segmentation fault
me@host:~/www/wordpress$ php index.php
FATAL: emalloc(): Unable to allocate 3260808055 bytes
me@host:~/www/wordpress$ php index.php
Segmentation fault

(Oh yeah.. Trying to allocate 3.2GB? I’m not supprised its failing..)

Yep.. I’ve had enough, I have switched from PHP 5.0.5 to PHP 4.4.0 and it appears to now be working.. For now.

I guess the time has come to consider moving to a new Host, I’ve been thinking about a VPS solution, At least that way i can keep up with the version of the software i *want* to use.

Any suggestions from anyone? SliceHost has been mentioned to me, And their base package would probably do for me,  Heck, Find someone else to go halves would end up paying about the same as a el-cheapo shared hosting plan each!. But other host suggestions would be good (or hey, Even a hosting offer or 2 ;) heh)