Dear commenters: Emails do not work :)

Just a quick notice, I do not get emails for comments on this blog, Thanks to debians utterly horrible default packages and my inability to work out how to configure sendmail/postfix under debian, I hereby give up.

Every other distribution of Linux i have ever used has allways been easy to setup, and has always had sane default options for their packages, to the extent that if it uses a different username for a package, that username will be marked as trusted in every other package, debian? No.. Debian is too good for everyone else, Debian is for those people who are true linux hackers, its designed to be as impossible as it can be, yet still will have people bowing in its footsteps. Bad debian! Bad! get back in your kennel, I would be using Slackware right now if i had the choice.. Hm… I wonder how hard it would be to install slackware on this VPS…

No.. I’m not after pointers, the future of this VPS install is under question, I dont think i’m interested in spending another hour of my time battling this stupid setup.

If  for some reason, you leave a comment, and need a reply to it, please drop me a line at and i’ll see to replying to the comment and yourself, I should probably check my own blogs dashboard more often.. but its rarely a location i visit :)

Changed site layout

Well, Once again, I’ve tweaked the layout slightly.

I’ve removed the frontpage, I’ve limited it to 2 posts for the front page, and a archives with only excerpts.

All pages are now impossible to get to unless you know their name.. I’ll change that with some widgets at some point.

The active colour on the header links needs changing..

I need to launch my other site

I need to get my mind together and aim to get things finished

I need to work out what exactly i’m doing…

Oh, I also got rid of Gallery2.. Seems it may’ve been causing some load issues.. All the Flood images from Kyogle Jan 08 are here:

Theme modifications

Slowly but surely i’m modifying the theme to add extra functionality or make it easier to read.

I’m trying to bring some more colour into the site, And the front-page is going to be getting a make-over at some point in time..

I’m also syncing the site with WordPress 2.7 trunk every few days (As i have been for the past few months), 2.7’s coming along pretty nicely, the Admin design is really starting to grow on me too :) – I dont think i could use the 2.3 or 2.5/6 style interfaces again..

Threaded Comments & new post galleries

Well, I’ve SVN’d up to the latest version of WordPress 2.7, And as such, I’ve enabled Threaded comments on this blog.

More information about Threaded Comments is available in the Trac Ticket.

I have also implemented some gallery functionality (By that, I mean *more* of a gallery function than a Stock WordPress install has) into my theme, I’ll be replacing Gallery2 with the new WordPress Gallery functionality shortly, You might be surprised at what you can achieve with a theme and the right gallery functions :) – Hopefully you’ll see this when i load the Gallery2 items into WordPress.