WordCamp Melbourne 2011 went off

Last weekend was WordCamp 2011, Lots of things were said and done, there was an afterparty that not many talk about (and many suspect the organisers were still drunk the next day), and of course – there were talk from a lot of interesting people.

But of course, this isnt to write about those people, the events, or anything else, this is purely a post to post up a few things which I mentioned.

First part, My presentation: How to become a WordPress Surgeon: An introduction to WordPress Core Contributing. – in reality, it was decided 5 minutes before hand the content, so give me some slack :)

Direct Link: http://wcmelb.blip.tv/file/4826938/

Now the links I promised:

  • Search and Replace – An excellent plugin for replacing text throughout WordPress, good for updating old links from other domains
  • Core Control – A Plugin of mine which allows you to see inside a bit of WordPress, The main use for this today is determining which HTTP Transport is in use, and the ability to disable those which are malfunctioning.
  • Theres another plugin which is useful when changing permastructures to distinctivly different structs, in most cases the canonical redirect takes care of it, but it’s not 100% perfect, I cant find the plugin, but Advanced Permalinks looks like it’ll do the job, But might not be compatible with 3.0/3.1, and might be overkill really.. but search the Permalinks tag on the extend directory and see what you can find.

And links that are just awesome:

Its over

WordCamp Australia 2008 is over, And i’m back home now.

How was it? Great.

Go again? Yes.

Invite everyone else to come along? Hell yeah!

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to get some business cards printed up before WCAU,  So to those of you who asked, Sorry; Hopefully i’ll get my Portfolio website up and running shortly. (And not surprisingly, Turns out, i also had a Twitter account, Not that i understand a word of how to use it)

To all of you who i met out down there, Thanks for turning up, It was great meeting you all, Jane and Matt deserve a special mention though,  Both for the speeches and the discussion you guys provided the event with (Oh hey, Sorry for the odd introduction Matt :) – it was good to get odd reactions).

Highlight? Originally it would’ve been Matt’s speech, But (And i wish i had a photo of this) was the reason for the dodgy wireless coverage, Some of you will know it was due to a wireless router not working correctly (which was on Matt’s table too). The reason the router wasn’t routing? It wasn’t plugged in! When pulling up the network cables later Sunday evening, I found out that someone had forgotten to crimp the other end of the network cable, so it wasn’t actually plugged into the network.. Oops indeed..

Onto more pressing issues, At a small meeting afterwards to discuss the future of the WordCamp Australia Association, The idea of smaller meet ups was brought up,  Personally i’d like to see something happen in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area, Any takers? Not a full weekend event, Not even a day event, Just a gathering for lunch or something similar, If we can get up a good enough group of people together from the area, It might be possible to get WordCamp Australia in Brisbane for 2010 (2009 will likely be Sydney again).

So, If anyone is in the Northern Rivers district/lower QLD and up for catching up at any stage give me a yell, and we’ll see what can be organised.

Finally, To whoever is organising the BuddyPress WordCamp install, Hurry up and get it done :) Traveling home isn’t a good excuse!

Calling all Australian WordPress’ers!

So, WordCamp Australia’s dates have been confirmed, The location is still undisclosed (However, It IS in sydney :)).

Are you attending? Thinking of attending? Or thinking “Wait, What are you on about“? Follow the links to register interest or find out more :)

Location: Undisclosed Venue, Sydney
Date: Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th of December 2008
Am i atttending?: I’ll make an effort to attend!

So hopefully i’ll see you there! :)

Update: It has been moved to 29/30th November: http://wordcamp.com.au/2008/08/wordcamp-updated-dates/