Dear all commenter’s

Lately, I’ve been recieving a lot of comments from certain people annoyed at the fact that WordPress has included more features and functionalities which they find extra bloat. Usually, They’re poorly written and I Delete them (Yes, I have no need for their drivel on this blog).

Today however, Its time to make a stand, I am sick of people complaining that WordPress is not what they want.

Many people seem to be unaware of what is actually happening in the world of Warcraft WordPress, oblivious even. Now thats fair enough to me, Not everyone has the time to watch the project evolve day by day, But i would expect someone to read about whats new in WordPress before upgrading, And then upgrade anyway for security reasons.

Please people, read whats new, Suggest new features, WordPress is the free application YOU have chosen to use, Help shape its future into the product that YOU want, Many people seem to sit back and just complain about the new items and call it bloat; To those of you, Fuck off, Go find a different project which suits YOU, Drupal or Joomla! might be it, Or maybe some mostly unknown app which uses 200MB of ram, or 200Bytes of ram, It doesnt matter to me, Find something which suits what you want.

WordPress suits many people, The constant addition of new functionalities, constant patching of potential bugs, and of security issues. All applications MUST do this, else they die off in the background, or a new project which offers them appear, I class wordpress as an innovator,  for 2 reasons, The plugin and Theme options available continuously change and extend wordpress into new directions. New technologies and functionalities are included into WordPress Core every release, as they should be, a LOT of hard work is put in by a handful — a dozen or so — people who love WordPress, and yet, WordPress is used by a few million people i would imagine. Support the developers who develop WordPress and make it what it is.

I realise that last paragraph makes reference to a dozen people, I’m talking about the WordPress Core there,  there are many hundreds of developers who use WordPress and develop Plugins and Themes, They deserve recognition as well.

So please, If WordPress isn’t your cup of tea, Dont come to my blog to complain about it, Get off your arse and help shape the future. There are so many ways in which to do that:

  • Start to fix bugs in WordPress core – Browse Trac for that
  • Start to implement new functionalities for WordPress – Trac again, Search for a ticket, if nothing, Create a new one
  • Make plugins or Themes to do what you want – And then Release them on WordPress Extend
  • Help others in the Support Forums – One of the simplest ways to help
  • Help others in other ways – A talk at your local WordCamp Event about how and why you use it, Perhaps even at your local computer event, It doesn’t matter, It all helps others get to know what WordPress is.
  • Suggest Ideas on the Support Forums, Or Trac

If you’ve made it this far, You’re probably going better than many others, Thanks for reading this, and Please become involved in WordPress one way or another.

Gold Coast WordPress Meetup

*UPDATE*: “Brisbane WordPress” meetup is now go! Thanks to Lachlan & Bronson for making it happen, See for more details

Just putting this out there, Is there anyone who’s up for a WordPress meetup on the gold coast?

Nothing like a WordCamp, Just a get-together to meet other Developers and Users, Networking, Etc.

I’m a few hours drive from the GC, So dont have any �sort of venue in mind (Winters nearly over, A park on the beach-front would do!)

Thoughts? Feedback?

(I actually planned on getting a Brisbane/GC meetup running after WordCamp AU, but have never really had a chance.. I’d love to get a good community up and running for the potential to host WordCampAU in Brisbane in the future)

“WordPress Automatic Installer” has a new name, And a new domain!

Except, Its not currently active, as the domain registrations are pending.

For the time being, You may now download a Beta release from It’ll automatically redirect to the new domain name in a couple of days.

So please, Go and give it a test, And report back in the Forums there with  any glitches or issues you find.