dDeviantArt Announcement

EDIT: A number of bugs were present in 0.1 as expected, a Beta of 0.2 is now available, If the plugin doesnt work for you, try this beta version:  http://dd32.id.au/files/ddeviantart-0.2.zip I’m proud to present to you, dDeviantArt 0.1. dDeviantArt is a WordPress plugin designed to integrate your Deviations from DeviantArt.com into your WordPress blog. The main features are:  The ability to have Multiple Widgets predefined, This allows you to quickly switch … Continue reading dDeviantArt Announcement


Please note that at present this plugin is virtually dead. Whilst i have the intentions to update it, Version 0.6 contains some nasty bugs unfortunately, And so far i’ve not yet had time to change it. Whilst it may still work for you, It may not work for everyone. Download Link Announcement DeviantArt News WordPress.org … Continue reading dDeviantArt

Week 7 status report

Whats been acomplished this week. Integrated the Plugin Search page with the Plugin Installation pages Added a few filters/actions here and there Plugin installation page checks requirements before installing plugins(If requirements are available from wordpress.org) Started the ball rolling for the wordpress.org integration server side. A Few misc. other things. Plans for Next Week Improve … Continue reading Week 7 status report

Week 6 status report

Whats been acomplished this week. Started putting together a linux box for testing purposes, the VM was becoming rather clunky in performance, Slackware+Apache2+PHP5(module), also plan on doing PHP4 and hopefully safe mode on/off, and perhaps even PhPSuExec if i can manage them all.. I can handle Virtual Hosts OK, just not yet sure on how … Continue reading Week 6 status report

Week 5 status report

Whats been acomplished this week. Mon: Started working on “wp-Update-Manager”, a manager for Plugin authors who want to host the Update system themselves. Changed the method that Requirements are checked in wp-Update, also a few small display changes Tue: Continued working on wp-Update-Manager, Sorting out weird JS Bugs.(more on this later) Wed: Wp-Update-Manager: Can return … Continue reading Week 5 status report