Random photos from Last Week (20090720)

Seems this might become a weekly/fortnightly series.. Random photos from the places I end up visiting.

Note that they’re most likely almost always going to be taken with my phone (Nokia 6220 classic – 5MP of overrated megapixel goodness) so the quality is nothing great, but certainly nothing to be ashamed of for such a small package!

Google Summer of Code 2009

Its on again, And theres only a few short hours left to submit student proposals (I think).

This year, I’ve signed up as a Mentor in the WordPress Project. To all students: Good luck, And make me proud.. err… Sure.

Anyway, I’ve seen a few projects in the queue which have been interesting, And of course, A fair few pieces of rubbish (As you may expect).. Will I be mentoring something? We’ll find out when the projects are announced :)

Anyway, Not much to say.. Other than a rainy weekend.. And i’m still looking at options for buying a camera… and phone.. and laptop.. and whatever other tech gadget you can think of.. Many people are surprised to find that I dont have decent of the above items.. No idea why, but hey. :)

Kyogle January 2008 Flood Photos (Pano’s)

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Please Note: The following photos are from 5th/6th Jan 2008, They are not posted on the date listed of this blog entry.

Comments relating to these images can be found here: http://dd32.id.au/2008/01/05/kyogle-flood-jan-2008/

I’ve decided to remove my Gallery2 install, so i’m moving them into WordPress.