Week 11 status report

Whats been acomplished this week.

  • Fixed Tag searching of WordPress.org
  • Made a lot of changes to the FTP-Ext class, Re-implemented a few functions which i wasnt happy about, added features to existing functions.
  • Made a move to $wp_update instead of $wpupdate to keep with WP coding
  • Made a move to a global $wp_filesystem class to make the coding simpler
  • Created a functionfolder_diff which relies on $wp_filesystem, used to create output such as this:
    dda-options.php (Changed)
    dda_portfolio.php (Changed)
    ddeviantart.php (Changed)
    inc (Changed)
    inc/dCustom.php (Changed)
    readme.txt (New)
    deleted_file (Deleted)
    same_file (unChanged)
  • Some more work on plugin upgrades
  • Many Many more small bugs which appeared during enhancements (And while testing on linux with FTP)

Plans for Next Week

  • Finally get a non-PHP-FTP-Extension FTP class implemented around the PemFTP classes.
  • More bugfixing (Just watch, more will come out of the woodwork)
  • More work on plugin upgrades, only another step or so left in that code i think.

The time left is Dwindling fast, incredibly fast actually, and uni workloads are increasing twice as fast.. I’m honestly supprised i got so much work done this week. (Yet so little with the time spent argueing with bugs)GSoC, WordPress, wp-update

Week 10 status report

Whats been acomplished this week.

  • More Filtering:
  • Few more external options
  • More Cleaning:
  • Fixed a few options
  • Droped the old theme installer and modified the plugin installation code to work with allmost anything
  • More Fiddling:
  • Started a Upgrade proceedure
  • Added Admin Notices and emailing of someone when the plugins need updating.

Plans for Next Week

  • More Cleaning
  • get a basic Upgrade working nicely
  • Work out wp-cron(For weekly checking of updates)
  • Might look into notifying that wordpress itself needs to be upgraded.

dDeviantArt 0.3

dDeviantart 0.3 has been released.

Not too many changes were made, The most notable thing however is that Sidebar widgets is no longer required, you may insert the PHP code into your template.

Download from here: http://dd32.id.au/files/ddeviantart.zip
Plugin homepage: http://dd32.id.au/wordpress-plugins/ddeviantart/

How to insert the sidebar in a non-dynamic sidebar theme

To insert into your sidebar, you need to simply click the “Show PHP” option to the right of the widget, it’ll give you soe code to copy like this:

[code lang=”php”]
dda_widget_embed(‘My deviations’);

If you change the name of your Widget you’ll need to change the PHP in the theme, So insert the PHP after you setup the widget name how you want it to be.

Week 9 status report

Whats been acomplished this week.

  • Tag Cloud for Plugin page
  • More filter work, which mainly consisted of moving all external access functionality into filters
  • Fixed up the options page for the Filesystem stuff
  • Initial planning of method to do upgrades (paper)
  • Better XML handling function for Wp-Update-Manager.

Plans for Next Week

  • Get back on the Install/Upgrade functions, At present theres a seperate function for plugins/themes, I’d like to roll this into a single function that can install anything.
  • Write an initial upgrade proceedure plugin, So far planning that it should show the files that have been modified/removed/untouched before allowing changes to me made.
  • Re-do any commenting on functionality thats changed (ie. search/upgrade functions)

Problems Encountered so far (And useful resources)

  • None of note.

Week 8 status report

Whats been acomplished this week.

  • Redesigning the Filesystem Options page.
  • Localised more strings
  • Improved Requirements Checking
  • Load jQuery via Add_action(This has made the plugin 2.3-only)
  • Prevented Prototype from loading on my pages(Fixes Incompatibilities when a plugin loads Prototype for the entire Admin console)
  • Started moving all external-access functions (Searching, Info, etc) into separate files and loading via filters/actions
  • [From trac patch] Hide edit column completely when plugin not editable
  • Re-designed some of the options page for filesystem.

Note: Not all of the above is checked into SVN yet, expect in the coming days.

Plans for Next Week

  • Finish more work on the options pages.

Problems Encountered so far (And useful resources)

  1. Visual jQuery

Uni semester is starting up again, Business units, PHP/Perl, Java, should be fun..

dDeviantArt 0.2

As expected the initial release had some bugs, notably me using jQuery without its no-conflict mode, of course this caused problems when a plugin that used prototype was used; Version 0.2 resolves this issue, if anyone still has that issue, get in touch with me.

Version 0.2 download link: http://dd32.id.au/files/ddeviantart.zip 

If you’d like to follow updates, you may subscribe to either my RSS feed, or the dDeviantArt RSS feed.

dDeviantArt Announcement

EDIT: A number of bugs were present in 0.1 as expected, a Beta of 0.2 is now available, If the plugin doesnt work for you, try this beta version:  http://dd32.id.au/files/ddeviantart-0.2.zip

I’m proud to present to you, dDeviantArt 0.1.

dDeviantArt is a WordPress plugin designed to integrate your Deviations from DeviantArt.com into your WordPress blog.

The main features are:

  •  The ability to have Multiple Widgets predefined, This allows you to quickly switch between the Deviation set your displaying (Or to display multiple Widgets at once)
  • In-line Deviations, You can post deviations inside your Blog post by simply including the :thumb: string which is located on all Deviation pages
  • Portfolio Pages, You can define an unlimited number of “Portfolio Pages”, These pages allow you to show off upto 24 of your Deviations on a single page.

The plugin allows you to either set a RSS feed of the Deviations you want to display, Or allows you to set the Search Criteria when defining a page/widget, This allows anyone to quickly set up the item to display as they please.

More information(And Demos) will be available on the Plugin Homepage, You can download the plugin directly from here.

All comments are welcome, Feature requests, Bug reports, etc, may be submitted via my Contact page.  This is my first Released Plugin, So hopefully you’ll like it.



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