Week 7 Status report

Not much to report:

  • UI Styling updates
  • Posted a video
  • Started playing around with a Progress bar, There does not appear to be any premade Javascript libraries to make a quick and easy progress bar (There are some, But no real decent polished ones), I’ve hacked together one out of a few instead of starting from scratch, But its not very clean at all from the servers perspective, It really doesnt fit in well with the feedback loop of the installer/upgrader.. But i’m going to persist with it.
  • I’ve also been playing around with having the updater load in an thickbox iframe, To make the updater and the installer have similar looks/styling – It works, but not as smooth IMO (Also had to add a hack in to force thickbox to show the iframe before it finishes loading..)
  • The API hasnt been really touched the last 2 weeks, I spent some time trying to get the search to work better(Currently, Search for “Akismet” and its not even on the first result page.. Every other plugin that mentions Akismet ranks higher!) – I think that may be due to my local Plugins database’s index’s not being as good as the wordpress.org database, But i’m not sure, I’ve not heard back about how the searching is handled on wordpress.org.

Week 6 Status report

Another week has gone by, This weeks mainly been spent on:

  • Optimizing the code
  • Struggling through a weird problem with bbPress Searching, It took some effort, but i eventually worked it out (Stupid mistake on my part!)
  • Cross-browser CSS (IE had/has some issues)

But now i’d like to put a call out for some testers, The API is not hosted on WordPress.org, its hosted on my own server, so i’d prefer not to have heaps of people searching (My hosts MySQL is slow enough as it is). What i’m after is people who are willing to play around with it and make suggestions, If thats you, drop me a line via my contact page and we’ll work something out :)

I’ve updated the patch available at http://wordpress-soc-2008.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/dion/plugin-install.diff but its a bit weird, Some core WordPress commits are showing as code additions, not sure why (Merging must be failing), I’ll have to move it over onto a more clean install ready for 2.7 trunk code (My current aim is for this to start being commited into the 2.7 branch once 2.6 is out in a week or so)

Also, I took a bit of a break this week, As you can see by my pretty new facelift for the site; Long way there, And ran over many bugs on the way here! (..More caching is needed on category get_category_by_*() functions btw… Its accounting for ~6 queries all for the same object atm — I’ll think about writing up some patches soon possibly)

New Site Theme

Well, If you’re a RSS reader, Please come on over to http://dd32.id.au/2008/07/04/new-site-theme/and check out my new Site Layout.

I’m slowly putting this back together with a new theme, So take note of any major bugs which you notice, and give me a yell. I know IE is going to be a bit picky, i’ve done my best (And most of them are ironed out) but of course, it’s doing seemingly random things. (Took me 2 hours to get a padding error with the sidebar in IE destroying the post alignments, Still havnt got the footer working right in IE)

Some things to note:

  • First and foremost – A bit of a face look
  • Gravatars are supported now, On the commenting form, You’re avatar should appear when you add your Email address, IF you do not have a Gravatar Avatar, Head on over to http://www.gravatar.com/ and get one :)
  • Post Primary categories are now shown before the Post title, Previously they were added manually (Eww..)
  • Homepage is now not my Blog entries, Its destined to be a quick access page to the various locations on dd32.id.au, My plugins, Summer of Code, And other applications will be featured. (Oh, As well as Galleries/images attached to various posts).
  • Homepage will probably also include ramdom images/sites i come accross — We’ll see.
  • A few technical things which i’m proud of in there too, It’d be supprising to some people the ammount of custom code for this theme (only 800lines for functions.php)
  • Bugs’a’Plenty

Well thats all for now.