This is a placeholder.

TorrentPress has been left to rot for awhile, I’ve not had enough time to revisit it.

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    1. I know :/ Thats why i was developing it..

      I’m focusing on other projects, and learnt a heck of a lot since TP, infact, WP Core is a lot more suited to the task now than it used to be.. It’ll happen sometime, hopefully this year i hope :)

  1. Can’t wait till you start developing this again, I really need this right now.

    Btw, I haven’t tried the plugin out, but does this plugin take over your whole blog or just a page? Cuz I want to use WordPress normally as well, I just want this as an extra.

    1. I might get around to developing it again one day, But dont hold your breath :)

      The original idea was to take over a single page. However thats got huge problems with implementation, So anything that i do develop will require a entire WP install to itself.

  2. Its a pity taht you are not developing this plugin anymore dude, i dont know if it can help you but drupal has a torrent tracker plugin maybe you could learn something from it

    1. I have written torrent trackers before, I wrote one from scratch that could easily handle a couple of hundred users.

      The reason i’ve never completed this plugin is because the planned use for it was no longer there.. And i never had the motivation to write something i wasnt going to use myself.

  3. Hy, is project TorrentPress dead?
    Would you have the time to make at least a working beta version of your plugin for the new wordpress version?
    Hope that you will read this, and give me an answer.

    Thanks for your time and good luck with your other projects.

  4. Hi!

    I hope, that you’ll back life to this plugin, ’cause we’re (WP users =)) need them so much! Your plugin is the one possibility to make the website on WP to torrent-tracker…

    Thank you for read this!

    P.S. sorry for my disgusting english if I wrote something wrong =\

  5. Hi Dion,

    I got your email and responded. I am very interested in taking torrentpress over and moving forward with it. I am in the industry and have lots of ideas. My wordpress I’d is mikevic80.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


  6. I am very interested in taking torrentpress over and moving forward with it.
    I run a french bittorrent tracker with opensource and free (libre) softwares and medias ONLY. So it’s a legal website that promotes opensource and free (libre) culture.
    In my opinion, wordpress + a bittorrent tracker plugin would be THE solution for me.
    So i’m very interested in your “project”.
    Thanx for the feed back.

    1. As has been said elsewhere here, TorrentPress is dead in the water.

      If you wish to write a WordPress based tracker, please go ahead and do it.

      At this point in time, I’m not interested in collaborating with anyone, or giving it to someone else to take over. take what code is in the repo and fork it if you feel like it, GPL gives you that freedom.

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