AAPT Usage Meter

Notice: (2009) I’ve not been An AAPT customer for awhile now, My usage meters listed here may no longer work, I will not be updating them in the future.

This post has been sparked by the fact that 17 out of the top 20 search queries which direct people to my blog in some way relates to AAPT and its usage meter.

At present AAPT are making a move to a new platform, as such, some new users are on a different system, and the links outlined in this post may not apply to them.

AAPT Official Usage Meter

The official usage meter is available here:

The username is the main Email address you have with aapt, and the password is the same as for email.

There are 2 main views in the usage meter, Show ADSL Usage & Show Dialup Usage, in actual fact, Dialup usage will show ADSL usage as well. The main difference betweeen these is that ADSL usage only shows a graph with when the usage took place, not many other details (and from what i’ve found, takes ages to load). However the dialup usage page will show much more information, however is all text, i suggest you give both a go and you’ll soon work out which view you prefer.

This usage meter is generally running ~24 hours behind, this is because the usage is counted once your session ends, A Session is the time that the modem is connected to the service, generally a few minutes before midnight a new session is started.
The effect of this is that it apears the usage meter is running slow/behind, but infact, the issue is that since the session starts a few minutes before midnight, all usage in that session is registered for that day. Eg:

Session starts at 10th July 11:55pm
Session ends at 11th July 11:55pm
99.995% of the usage most people make in that period has been made on the 11th, However, as it started on the 10th, the usage will apear for the 10th.

Note: If your username/password does not work on this usage meter, none of the following usage meters will work either at present, this means that you are on AAPT’s new platform.

My AAPT Adsl uage page

Available here:

This uses the Offical usage meter for the data source, but i prefer its layout for viewing on the web.

There is a DEMO page here.

Usage Agent

Available here:

Usage Agent is a .Net 2 application to run on your home computer, its flexible in that you can have it generate an image, work in the tasktray, or merge itself into the wallpaper.


Usage Agent

Firefox Extension: Net Usage

Available here:

I dont personally use it, however some people find this a good option.

Final Note on the new System

A Final note to those people on the new system (Ie. cannot log into the above official usage page)
AAPT has recently changed their website format, and moved to a new platform, all these usage meters are incompatible with the new format.

Instructions to log in with the new system:

If you are using the new system, instructions below:
1. Log in to Help Yourself on
2. Click See What I’ve Used in the 2nd column
3. Click on your broadband plan
4. Your usage should be shown here. Quantity sum shows your total usage for the month.