HappySnaps from Melbourne; WordCamp Melbourne trip

Just some raw unedited snaps from Melbourne, Yes, I call these Happy Snaps

Photos from Byron/Brunswick Heads

A few (bad quality) Panorama’s made using a G10 and AutoStitch (Which has never failed me in the past, But really doesnt work well with these photos..)

More single-shots to come.. The light conditions weren’t the best for someone not sure of what they’re doing either ;)

Random photos from Last Week (20090720)

Seems this might become a weekly/fortnightly series.. Random photos from the places I end up visiting.

Note that they’re most likely almost always going to be taken with my phone (Nokia 6220 classic – 5MP of overrated megapixel goodness) so the quality is nothing great, but certainly nothing to be ashamed of for such a small package!