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Reports suggest this plugin is broken on WordPress 3.7+. Unfortunately this plugin isn’t currently being updated for a variety of reasons, primarily a lack of time and many more important things to do in life. If you have a new bug report, you may comment below, but I apologise in advance for the likelyhood that it won’t be fixed, or receive a reply. Plugin Page: [plugin link]

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244 thoughts on “Revision Control”

    1. Getting an environment that MU can install in isn’t my problem, Its keeping the configuration in working order afterwards, I always get it installed, and then the entire thing blows up in my face as soon as i try plugins/etc.

  1. When I check “disable”, leave the “revision” screen and come back to it, there is no longer any option checked! For the rest: thanks a lot for this plugin, especially the number setting option.

  2. I just noticed that the disable function not only looses its checkbox, but it also doesn’t work. I CAN disable revisions per post, but I just noticed that I had revisions for posts I edited after installing your plugin and set things to disable.

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  4. Seems to be funny for me also. I set it globally to two revisions for both pages ans posts. But on the edit post or page screens, it still has revisions “enabled”. Even if I change the radio tick to “limit to (2) revisions on a particular post, after I save the post or page the next time the radio tick is changed back to enable.

  5. Tut to further complicate matters, even though the radio won’t stick, the list of revisions shown is only two. Also, and this is really weird, the time of the revisions is off by two hours from the blog’s time and the last edited time that is shown up above in the WP save box.

  6. The plugin works for the most part, but occasionally a revision is still made. In between posting 2 posts, I had to go back and edit another post. When I made a new post, a number was skipped.

    When I typed in the number that was skipped, it led me to a revision page for an Autosave revision.

  7. I’m wondering, could you give a feature to automatically delete all revision several days after the last edit? i think it would be a great benefit…

    1. Thats a good idea actually, Not that it’ll be useful to me.. I might look into it and may possibly release it as a seperate plugin instead.

      1. I would love that! And by the way, I installed revision control 2.3 in one of the blogs I manage the other day and although I’ve used it on other blogs before, I’ve never seen the one screenshot shown on the “details” page that allows you to delete whichever revisions you want to lose. The home page of this blog has 34+ revisions, and it still has them all after installing the plugin. How do I remove the old revisions?

  8. Man, thank you very much for this plugin. It saved me. I already thought I have to give up WordPress and switch to another blogging tool.

    Here is just one suggestion: within plugin configuration, add button to immediately activate revision prunning. Your plugin works, but one has to go and resave each article to activate pruning of old revisions.

  9. I read you plugins code and have some suggestions belong to safety and comming WP 2.7 too.
    1st of all, i like it very much. But some code lines seems not safe to me:

    $submenu[‘options-general.php’][17] =

    if entry 17 is been already used (WP or any other plugin) you would overwrite it! Could be better to store it like:

    $submenu[‘options-general.php’][] =

    at the end (as append) and sort it afterwards.

    Also WP 2.7 introduces complete management of boxes. That’s why i would suggest to replace the posts/page revision box by a more sophisticated box, that allows the delete of explicite revisions too. If you are interested, i will write the example and would send it to you. Please let me know (also mail possible), how you think about.

    1. Hi,
      I’m very aware of the $submenu constraints, 17 cannot be used by any plugins unless they specifically set it, Any that use the API will be appended to the end somewhere, 17 is used to insert ‘Revisions’ between 2 of the standard menu sections. (I follow trunk development very closely, and will notice any breakage)

      I have been rewriting it for 2.7 over the last few months, And will release a new version shortly after 2.7 is released (eventually)

    1. I’ve had a few issues with the latest rewrite, so i’m going to package up a maintainence release of the current stable to work with 2.7 for people today.

      I’ll release 1.9 today, and 2.0 (rewrite) in the coming weeks.

  10. Hmmm how long does take to update w/ the latest version usually? It seems I can’t even go to wp-admin. Should be good to delete /revision-control and extract latest correct in terms of updating it? Just double-checking. Thanks for the work.

  11. Hello,
    Problem: I am a writer, I absolutely want to keep some revisions. Because copyright, plagiarism, personal organisation, update of content… But I do not want to save all revisions.
    Context: There are two kinds of revisions. The historical-archive ones (long term backup version) and the writing revision (short term worked version)
    Currently: It is problematic and risky to manage the process entirely manually. It is also problematic to define a fixed number of revision because you can loose historical versions.
    Answer: Is it possible that your plugin allows to save specific versions (user’s action) while the fixed number does concern only the latter ones. I supposed that this imply that the plugin should conserve at last (e.g) 5 revisions from current date to start date (start date is the last long term save version). That means that user can have both a manual treatment of long term backup versionning, while automatic treatment of short term versionning.

    1. Interesting idea really.. So basically.. Save only 5 revisions per day for the last 7 days, save only 1 revision per day for all dates previous..

      1. Not sure if they already responded, but that sounds like a fantastic feature — essentially a “protect” this revision feature that would stop the pruning from deleting it. Alternatively you could think of it as a “sticky” feature too — keep this revision available.


  12. Hello,

    I’m using the latest version now with WP2.7 and have one issue with it:

    It seems to be working ok, but in the past week I had two published posts with future dates which I decided later to edit a little more before they become actually visible for visitors on the published date. In both cases I get the message that there is a saved version of this post more recent (!) than the version I just opened, in my opninion the only (?) version.

    I’m using this plugin since a month or two and disabled all revisions (posts and pages).

    1. Pretty sure the Autosave functionality isnt touched by my plugin, Only the Revisions, I dont have any plans to disable the Autosave functionality however (And if it is currently disabling that functionality, I’ll be re-enabling it next time i touch the code)

  13. This one’s a bit odd, but maybe a known “feature”.

    FYI, my site is just getting going, so I’ve only got three posts, but autosaves and some tweaking as I get used to it had created six or seven revisions of a couple of my first posts. So this plugin was exactly what I was looking for — I was about to try and edit wp-config (shudder) as it was the only option I could find. (FYI, I hadn’t even thought I would need this until I peeked at my autobackup of my database and saw it was a LOT larger than it should have been for a couple of small posts, and found multiple copies of my post).

    So I installed the tool, set it to save 2 revisions only, went into my existing posts, and it was still showing the six or seven revisions from before. No problem, there’s a handy little delete tag you included. So I deleted them. Here’s the wonky bit — I got the following error message:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /mnt/w1003/d42/s31/b02cdf58/www/ on line 626

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/w1003/d42/s31/b02cdf58/www/ in /mnt/w1003/d42/s31/b02cdf58/www/ on line 850

    I have no idea what those two errors mean, but it *did* delete the revisions, just didn’t complete cleanly. But when I went back to the page, the one I deleted was gone. But each time I clicked delete on a revision, I got that error.

    I’m assuming future revisions will prune automatically, but just thought I would mention it. I’m using 2.7 and the latest version from the plug-in directory…

    Thanks again, and a happy new year to you!


    1. The plugin doesnt prune at all when activated.

      Once a new revision is created (ie. by clicking save) then it’ll prune revisions for the current post.

      As for the warning produced.. Thats an odd bug with the way WP handles the menu code.. Turns out, I’ve got a patch to submit to WordPress Trac to handle that.. I thought i’d worked around it in the latest version of the plugin though.. Apparently not.

  14. Hi,
    Great plugin. Shows clean posting page and you can delete manually a revision. One thing I could not figure out that either it removes only the entry at post page or it deletes all the related records (entries) from the database? Is there a way to undelete a revision ?

    1. Once you save a new revision of a post, If you’ve got it set to store x number of revisions, it’ll delete any older than that.

      Once a revision is deleted, Its gone, No way to get it back. Thats one of the nice things about the WordPress revision manager, you’ve got the full history at your fingertips :)

  15. Great plugin; I’ve had it installed from the beginning to keep all those revisions in check. Any chance that you would extend your plugin to bring flagged revisions to WordPress? (See this idea.)

    1. That sounds like it might fit in with the rewrite of the plugin which i have planned.. I just need some more motivation to get around to it :)

      I’ll add that idea to the list though, it seems like a pretty easy thing to implement.

  16. The error message is a WordPress error : “Cannot load revision-control”. I clicked on the “revisions” link in the plugin page (URL : /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=revision-control). Is there another way to access the options page (other than through the plugin page) ?

    1. Hm, Must’ve changed the URL and forgotten to update it.. i’ll fix that up sometime soon :)

      However, You should find “Revisions” under Settings in the menu.

  17. Thanks for your efforts, saved my load times… I had tons
    of old revisions…

    a global prune would be good for first time installers,
    I’ve got to go through each post and resave?

    thanks though.


  18. I also get error “cannot load revision control” there is no revision control option in the settings list.
    I have also loaded revision control to another blog at the same time without problem.
    Both blogs are 2.7 running revolution church theme on same host with similar plugins.
    Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance

  19. The last line in the plugin file, where you hook into the “init” action.
    This gives me problems on certain servers. $GLOBALS works fine on all servers, but on certain ones php craps out when I try to assign a function to a $GLOBALS variable, which is what this hook is doing.
    Isn’t there a more simple way to instantiate the plugin class? What is the reasoning behind this crazy method?
    This is one of the plugins I make sure to install on every WordPress, but I guess that also gave me some insight into this bug.

    1. Assigning to a $GLOBALS option is only needed since the class instance needs to be able to be referenced to from other locations, and on PHP4, AFAIK thats the simplest method.

      What configurations cause the problem? I’ve seen many plugins which use the same instancing code, infact, its written as a ‘must-do for plugins using classes’ somewhere..

      I’m somewhat wondering if its a PHP issue with something in the code rather than the globals part..

  20. I was going to ask if your ‘Revision Control’ still supported WP 2.6 (the description says it does, but in the sidebar it says: ‘Requires WordPress Version: 2.7 or higher’)

    Then I noticed Revision Control has not been tested for compatibility with WPMU. Are you planning to add do any testing with WPMU?

    How to Write Plugins for WordPress MU:

    Here’s some links to Codex information on WPMU:

    If you need additional help, these folks are pretty responsive:

    I hope this helps!

    1. My main hurdle with MU compatibility is installing MU in the first place, I always have problems (Which surprises everyone it seems)

      MU compatibility is planed in the future, Since WP 2.8/WPMU are making inroads in helping plugins work on either.. But it’ll happen at some stage.

      Also, You cant trust my Documentation. I simply never get around to writing it/updating it…

      1. You should be able to install WPMU locally with XAMPP:

        XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is really very easy to install and to use – just download, extract and start. At the moment there are four XAMPP distributions (accessible from the link above):
        – Linux
        – Windows
        – Mac OS X
        – Solaris

        Once XAMPP is installed, this should help:

        If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to give a shout in the WPMU Plugins Forum:


  21. Any plans to make your plugin work with WordPress v2.8? As of now I receive “internal service error” with your plugin enabled.

  22. I received a WordPress error saying that I don’t have permission to access the page when I clicked on the settings page and yet I am the blog administrator.

  23. Hey, I’m using WP 2.8.1 and the latest release of this plugin and still getting the page with the warning telling me that I don’t have permission to access the page when I clicked on the settings page and yet I am the blog administrator. What’s wrong?

    1. WordPress 2.8.1 introduces a new security enhancement to WP, 1.9.2 was untested (Flu and didnt have easy access to a server to test on), And seems to be misbehaving and not notifying people that 1.9.3 is available.. Hang in there.. it’ll get fixed sooner or later, If you cant live without the options page for a few days when who knows.. (Per-post options still work as expected)

      1. Cool. v1.9.7 works fine on WP 2.8.1 now. Thanks!
        By the way, have you thought about adding a complementary function that allow an admin to definitely erase ALL the revisions in the database? I’ve moved one blog from a friend to my server and noticed that revisions may generate lots and lots of useless data in the db. And a plugin able to delete all that mess surely would rock ;)

    1. I never thought of external writers, And honestly dont know if it should work or not.

      I’ll consider testing that with the next major release in a few years.

  24. Hello there, I’m having the same problem of WP telling me that I don’t have the permission to access the settings page. WP2.8.3 + Revision Control 1.9.7. Hope you could fix it soon ;)

        1. Yeah.. But what can you do when you simply have no time to keep up with things, And dont actually use the plugin yourself? :(

  25. Thanks for this patch for the lamest ‘feature’ ever released from WordPress. I just upgraded from 2.1 and can’t believe that WordPress has failed to provide an off button for Revisions since 2.6!! Revisions is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen from WordPress. Is there no longer any adult supervision at WordPress?

    1. Revisions make perfect sense in the way in which they are used by WordPress. Revisions are designed to keep an audit log of who changes what, and when. Whilst many personal blogs will not need it, many will also find benefits from it in due course.

      The only arguments i have seen are either idiotic, or plain wrong. Post ID’s should never be relied upon (posts..pages..attachments…custom objects…etc..), and the extra data in the database is minimal (We’re talking a blog here, few hundred rows, with good indicies, Compare it against a “small” database to a DBA and we’re looking at a minuscule database..).

      To to future commenter’s: remember, Revisions are a feature that many people use, If it doesn’t suit you, then fine, theres many ways to turn it off, including this Plugin. But this is not the place to flame WordPress, Its developers, Or anyone who puts in time to support a product you are using, Please be nice, and realize you wouldn’t be using the project if it wasn’t for us. If you do not like what is happening to wordpress (Supporting the functionalities more people are using every day) then please fuck off, There are plenty of other projects which may suit you such as Drupal, or Joomla! or maybe even SmallBlogRunningProjectThatIsLightWeightButUses200MBOfMemory Pty Ltd’s product. Or of course, You can just contribute to WordPress yourself and shape the future of the product you choose to use….

  26. there’s a small bug in the plugin where you check to see if the user has WP_POST_REVISIONS already defined in their wp-config.php with the intention of alerting them on the settings page if they have.

    Since you have a ‘return’ immediately after the check, your settings page is never hooked in if WP_POST_REVISIONS is already defined, so to the user it just looks like the plugin is doing nothing. I found out the hard way after just installing myself where I’ld previously been using the config file method.

    1. No idea what that says, but, No, Its untested with WordPress 2.9, and will remain so.

      New version will support 2.9+ which is currently in the works.

  27. Hi,
    this may already be suggested: how about adding an option not to delete revisions but storing them in a different table. That one can be indexed differently and a such does not eat up such a large quantities of memory (for example Best related posts plug-in indexes “post_title” and “post_content”).
    Best regards, Dominik

  28. Current features are OK. I’d like to have a new one:
    – lock revision individually.
    The plugin allows to manage automatically the number of revisions. But I absolutely want to save special version because copyright and plagiarism, historical reason, specific date, before editor intervention, after editor reviewing and so on…
    – Thus a rule that allows 10 revisions since the last revision locked is perfect for me…

    1. I hadnt thought of a do-not-delete-this functionality, I’ll consider it for the next release however :)

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  29. I just want to say that new version 2.0 rocks! Very intuitive and easier to use.

    One problem that I had was finding out how to delete old revisions. It took a while before I realized that I could click on the column header in order to switch between “Compare” and “Delete”. I modified the code so that the cursor turns to “pointer” with mouseover over the header.

    1. Cheers for the suggestion, There was a to be a much easier way to remove the revisions, and it was supposed to be easier to switch between the 2, but i had to hide a function at the last moment due to a bug.

      I’ll try to make it a bit more obvious in the next point release (Or i might just make it a pointer as you suggest :))

  30. Formatting sucks after upgrading from 1.9.? to 2.0. At least when using WP with Swedish lang. settings.

      1. It probably does if you say so.

        Sorry, But I’m an english developer, I do not know any other language. I rely on testers to give feedback on initial releases & beta’s. Unfortunately no-one brought it up, and out of the dozen people I emailed to update their translations, only a small handful replied, of them, no-one mentioned any formatting issues.

        Feel free to email me with screenshots or code suggestions to “fix” it,

        1. Sent you an email with before and after screenshots of same post. If you don’t get the mail just post here and I’ll find someplace to upload the files instead.

  31. Very nice plugin. Seems like it adds some essential functionality to the revision management side of WordPress.
    Well done!

  32. I’ve recently installed the new version 2.0, and it makes my life easier in many ways. I especially like being able to delete multiple revisions at once, and being able to delete autosave revisions without resorting to SQL commands.

    However, I used to be able to compare revisions in a different window while editing in my original window easily in the previous version, by simply right-clicking the link and opening the comparison in another window.

    In this version, it’s still possible (by opening two editing windows on the same post), but nowhere near as convenient.

    Could we have this functionality back? Perhaps by allowing a right-click on the “Compare” button, or something similar that opens the compare in a new window?

  33. Hi,
    like MJ I’m using wp 3.01 and I’m also missing the “Delete” or “Remove” buttons at the revisions meta box.
    It would be great, if you could solve that issue!


  34. Dion, thanks for the great plug.

    One note: I’m on WP 3.01 and I think I’m having the same issue as Julius & MJ > No delete buttons as shown in the screenshots.


  35. I think you select the revisions you want to delete and then just save the page. Am I correct in my assumption? Can anyone confirm this for me?

    Btw, just installed this for the first time and I only wish the majority of plugins available were so useful. THANKS!

  36. Just installed on 3.0.1 version of wordpress could not find the delete button showed on the screenshot. please check. Nice plugin by the way.

  37. Checked the PHP file and found a fix that seems to work fine.

    Open revision-control.php and go to line 615. Notice that at the end of the line, a style determines that the Delete button should be hidden. Delete that part so that line 615 reads:

    <input type="button" class="button-secondary toggle-type" value="” id=”revisions-delete” />

  38. I can only concur with Julius: both the (batch) Delete button as well as the (per-revision) Remove buttons are not present in WP 3.0.1. When looking at the “fix” of Maro, I saw that the PHP file has explicitly commented-out the Remove button. Perhaps the 2.0 delivery has been bug-fixed for WP 3.0.1 only partially?

  39. Re: missing delete button.

    Version 2.0.1 has this problem. Version 2.0 does not have this problem.

    When you install from the repository, it claims you’re installing 2.0, but you’re really installing 2.0.1, you can check the plugin version after it’s installed.

    A diff of the two versions shows only two changes in the code. (I’m showing tags using [] so they won’t get stripped here in the forum.)

    On line 653, there was a typo in 2.0, a [/th] tag was corrected to [/td] in 2.0.1; this was not causing the problem.

    On line 613, some formatting was removed.
    On version 2.0.1 the line reads:
    [td colspan=”4″]

    On version 2.0 the line reads:
    [td colspan=”4″ style=”text-align:left” class=”check-column”]

    When I edited version 2.0.1 and restored this formatting, the delete button came back.

  40. I downloaded 2.0.1 version of Revision Control Plugin to my PC, then applied suggested patches for “Delete Button” problem. Uploaded modified .zip to WP 3.1 and activated plugin. Config screen is available under Settings, but I cannot find “Revisions Meta Box” as given in Screenshots example or any screen to Display/Remove/Restore Page or Post revisions. I’m fairly new to WP – what am I missing? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    1. As of WordPress 3.1 you might need to enable the Revisions metabox. Have a look in the screen options at the top of the post page.

  41. Many thanks, DD32. Failure to enable the Screen Option “Post Revisions” on both Post and Page update screens was exactly my problem. After applying the one line patches to revision-control.js and revision-control.php as suggested by Word Press Support member “ttf” to correct the missing Delete button, the plugin works perfectly with WP 3.1.

  42. I’m using WP 3.1 and Your plugin ver 2.0. I install and set-up revisions to 3 for posts and 3 for pages and dont know where can I find the revisions? In list of posts (pages) is only 1 row for each post (page). I’m beginner in worpdress pls help.
    Thank You.

  43. revision-control: when it deletes the post, it doesn’t delete the wp_term_relationships entry.

    To show you, I just did a revision, then deleted it with your plugin, then did a diff on the old and new:

    INSERT INTO `wp_options` VALUES (3647,0,’del_revision_no’,’117′,’yes’);
    > INSERT INTO `wp_term_relationships` VALUES (28213,7,0);
    — Dump completed on 2011-05-01 19:35:48

  44. Hi,

    I sent you an email with the pt-PT translation of the last version (2.1) with a bug report and suggestion. Did you receive? If not, please drop me an email with the correct email to send you again!

    Congrats regarding your plugin!

  45. Great plugin… however, if you have *lots* of revisions to delete (because, let’s say, you didn’t realize all your revisions were piling up in the database) it would be nice if you could check the Delete box at the top (ie, marking everything for deletion) then uncheck the ones you wanted to keep (like your current revision)…

    As it stands, current and autosave revisions are grayed out… but they do become checked (marked for deletion) if you check that top Delete box… and you can’t uncheck them ’cause they’re grayed out… so, the only way to clear out old revisions (and i’ve got hundreds of them) is to check them off one by one… ouch… would be nice if that could be fixed…

    1. As it stands, current and autosave revisions are grayed out… but they do become checked (marked for deletion) if you check that top Delete box… and you can’t uncheck them ’cause they’re grayed out…

      That’s a WordPress core Javascript bug which wasn’t worth working around, Autosaves will *never* be deleted by this plugin, even if they are checked for deletion, That should be fixed in an upcoming WordPress release.

  46. Actually, I take that back: although it does work as I’ve described, if you set things up to only retain x number of revisions, then update the post, all the old revisions get wiped out in one fell swoop…

  47. Ah, geez, sorry for the multiple posts… updating removes the old revisions from the edit page but appears *not* to remove them from the DB…

    Dion, perhaps you could clarify how this is supposed to work?

    1. If they’re not listed on the edit screen, they shouldn’t be in the database. Of course, you will have umpteen other revisions in the database though, it won’t delete those which do not refer to the current post.

      1. yes, that now appears to be the case… could be that my myPHPadmin session wasn’t refreshing properly when i first ran the update…


  48. What do I do about this? Version 2.1
    Error: WP_POST_REVISIONS is defined in your wp-config.php. Revision Control cannot operate.

    1. You remove the definition of WP_POST_REVISIONS from your wp-config.php file. That definition conflicts with the plugin.

      That definition is not a standard part of your config file, you added it to control the number of revisions. But now you’ll be using this plugin to do that.

      1. Hi

        I’m having the same problem (“Error: WP_POST_REVISIONS is defined in your wp-config.php. Revision Control cannot operate.”) but I checked my wp-config.php file, there is no WP_POST_REVISIONS parameter.

        I’m using WordPress 3.4.2 and Revision Control 2.1.

  49. Is there a way run v2.1 in German? I’ve seen that there is a translation from Tux for 2.0. Will it also work with 2.1 and how do I have to enable it?


  50. There’s a bug I think, in my case I’ve set “Do not store revisions” for Pages and Posts. In my single page Revision Control is also set to “Do not store revisions” but [Autosave] revisions are saved. I’ve checked it in the DB.

    1. Autosaves are not part of the Revisions system, and are required to be stored for other functionality of the post editing screen to be used.
      I’d love to remove the “do not store revisions” option entirely from the plugin, but unfortunately that is what the majority of people use it for.

      tl;dr: This plugin is designed to control the number of revisions stored, Not to turn revisions off, nor to prevent post ID’s increasing higher than the number of posts.

      1. ok, I’ll make a walk around but it’s tricky because the autosave entry isn’t displayed in the revision list but it exists in the DB.

        1. That partially sounds like a bug, I’ll have to take a closer look at it then.
          IIRC, The autosaves are supposed to be showing in the list, and last time i used the plugin, that’s exactly what was happening. It might be a 3.3 incompatibility or something.

          1. I’ve fixed my problem by changing:
            line 156 from: define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 0);
            to: define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, ‘never’);
            in revision-control.php

            now the autosave revision shows up when plugin set to “Do not store revisions” and post set to “Do not store revisions”.

            But I don’t know if this fix is 100% working.

            It has something to do with wp_get_post_revisions() method in wp-includes\post.php.

            Before changeing the plugin code echo WP_POST_REVISIONS at the begining of wp_get_post_revisions() the resulted:

            – if plugin set to “Do not store revisions” and post Revision Control set to “Do not store revisions” result was 0 (autosave revision wasn’t visible)

            – if plugin set to “Do not store revisions” and post Revision Control set to “Default revision settings” result was ‘never’ (autosave revision wasn visible)

  51. It only shows the current revision and no matter how many updates I do .. it only shows the one.
    I set default to 10 revision. Even so .. I can’t click on compair either.

  52. The plugin seems to work only partially with WordPress 3.7.
    There is a global Revision Control setting panel, but the MetaBox at page/post level doesn’t appear.
    I’m assuming that the plugin still needs to be compatible with WordPress 3.7….
    When is this planned?

    1. A significant update is planned, however, I’ve been far too busy working ON WordPress 3.7 to have time to update the plugin for 3.6 and 3.7.

      I expect there’ll be an update within the next month or so, hopefully before WordPress 3.8 is released in December, but I can’t guarantee it as there’s not a heap of free time available lately!

  53. I also have seen issues where posts on front page were producing 404 not found when clicking thru to the post’s single page view. It seemed intermittent on the desktop but definitely an issue on mobile devices.

    Deactivating the plugin cleared the issue.

    Looking forward to an update, thank you for your service.

  54. Hi. I’m finding that Revision Control does not work on WP 3.8. Will there be an update? I’d like to keep using your plugin since it’s darn user-friendly.

    1. Unfortunately I’ve been busy and the update for 3.6+ has been delayed indefinitely time and time again.
      That being said, it should work with 3.8, Just not as friendly.
      What problems are you seeing?

      1. Although the revision list is present on each post and page, they simply don’t restore. When I select a specific revision date (when I clicked the restore link) a mostly blank page comes up with the message –

        “Are you sure you want to do this?” (there’s no “yes” or “no” option) and a link under that that says “please try again”. Also the page title comes up as “WordPress Failure Notice”.

        The revisions are being limited correctly but can’t restore any of them.

        There seems to be several others who are experiencing this problem. If you go to your WordPress plugin forum ( you’ll see what I’m talking about.


        1. Thanks for the report. I guess it’s more broken than I thought.
          I might get around to updating it in the next couple of months, we’ll see, it’s the lowest of the low priorities right now – Sorry.

  55. It generates blank thumbnails. I’ve been spending hours deleting them from my media library after the last run of generating thumbs for my large aggregator blog.

    1. I also notice that setting a featured image doesn’t always work now. I’ll set it, but sometimes the thumb doesn’t appear in the Featured Image space in the post editing window, just a “.” .

  56. Sorry, I posted a comment for a different plugin I’ve had trouble with. Revision Control is not giving me the ability to remove unwanted revisions anywhere. Didn’t it formerly have that capability?

    1. You’ll need to enable the revisions meta box in the screen options. It hasn’t been updated to the new revisions style yet.

  57. I don’t see a screen options setting anywhere, just how many revisions to keep for posts and pages, and the Revision Range. Where do I find the setting you refer to? Thanks!

    1. Should be Settings -> Revision Control for the majority of the settings
      And then you may need to enable the Revisions metabox in the Screen Options of the Add New post page.
      Unfortunately this is the limit of support I can provide you, and others have suggested the plugin is broken in other ways. I don’t have any immediate plans for a update any time soon – perhaps sometime in the next couple of months.

  58. I see. Well, just so you know, there is no checkbox to enable the Revisions metabox in the Screen Options. I really liked your plugin before it fell apart with more recent updates to WordPress, but I understand getting busy with more important projects, so I’ll most likely go looking for another one. I wish you the best with everything you have going on, I understand a full plate and not enough time! I and my family hope to visit Australia again later this year to visit longtime friends who are really more like family. Spoke with them just yesterday and have been watching news footage of the fires a…Hope you and yours are safely removed from all that.

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