Death to all…

..Who use

if ( $_POST['something'] )

its NOT cool!

Also, WTF?

if ( print_r( $options, 1 ) != print_r( $newoptions, 1 ) ) {

Also, As sure as i am that there was good reasoning behind it.. Who was the moron who decided to let the P2 theme look like ass under Internet Explorer? Seriously! As much as a lot of us hate coding for it, Its something we, As web developers, have to do. Just because you’re a firefox junkie doesn’t mean you should ignore those around you… like junkies……

In Sydney for CeBit Australia this week; Host moved

Alright, This is just a heads up for anyone trying to get in touch with me, I’m heading down to Cebit Australia in Sydney tomorrow morning, So I’m not going to be online much most likely.

I’ve also moved this to a new host, I’m not 100% sure of how reliable it is, Hopefully it’ll be reliable enough for the time being. Speed-wise it seems OK, If anyone notices anything (aside from the Wp-cache errors the last few hours – I reset the cache directories security.. oops.) then give me a yell.

New Camera?

So I want a new camera.. Any suggestions?

Currently I’m considering a Canon G10 or Canon SX10IS, Price? Under 600.

I know theres some 2nd hand gear available in the DSLR market, And I might be interested there too, But I’m questioning how much of a learning curve it could be, or alternativly, If I’d really get results that I’d like.. A P & S takes some of that work out of the picture, which makes it a bit easier on the mind..

Thoughts? Sugestions?

Oh, a 2nd hand G9 or S5IS was considered too, but 2nd hand they’re going to near, or more, than the newer models on ebay, And i cant seem to see anything  being sold on any other site i know of.. So maybe some locations for 2nd-hand gear too?


Seriously, Why do people INSIST on setting trac “version”‘s to the latest stable release? I mean, Seriously?

Ok, Fair enough, The bug exists still, But thats why the milestone is set to a higher number!

I think i’d rather know that the bug is a problem in 2.5 and up (version == 2.5, milestone == 2.9) than that its possible 2.7.1+ (version == 2.7.1, milestone == 2.9)

Happy New Year, Welcome to 2009

Welcome to 2009, The year of the Dinky Donkey, or to be more specific, The International Year of Astronomy.

Hope everyone has had a decent end of year celebration.. Time to get back to work though :)

DeviantArt DiFi documentation

While rather non-complete, I just came across this wiki documenting some of the DeviantArt DiFi code, Unfortunately it hasnt raised anything new for me, other than the Class names and the fact that no, Resources::htmlFromQuery is probably the best known solution for getting Deviations from a query.

(Yes, Once again, I’ve got motivation to get the dDeviantArt plugin working again)

DiFi — Botdom Documentation.