Google Summer of Code 2009

Its on again, And theres only a few short hours left to submit student proposals (I think).

This year, I’ve signed up as a Mentor in the WordPress Project. To all students: Good luck, And make me proud.. err… Sure.

Anyway, I’ve seen a few projects in the queue which have been interesting, And of course, A fair few pieces of rubbish (As you may expect).. Will I be mentoring something? We’ll find out when the projects are announced :)

Anyway, Not much to say.. Other than a rainy weekend.. And i’m still looking at options for buying a camera… and phone.. and laptop.. and whatever other tech gadget you can think of.. Many people are surprised to find that I dont have decent of the above items.. No idea why, but hey. :)

Week 12 Status

Well, Today (monday) is supposably the end of coding for SoC.

Am i finished? Heck no. The last few weeks have been *very* slow moving due to Uni & life commitments, But theres no reason why the installer will not be polished & nice by the time 2.7 is released (slated for November 10th, Gee, Uni exams start on the 3rd, I hope people get all the testing done before then please!)

I’m still working on Plugin upload .zip => Install & planning on starting to implement #7395.

I need to go over some of the code and make sure that all data is treated as  non-trusted data (That is, The data returned from the readme’s needs to be sanitized, so probably needs running through kses), of course, I dont have much choice but to trust the .php files :)

Week 11 Status report

Nothing much to report..

I’ve been doing a bit with SwfUpload and installing a plugin via upload, That so far is working, but needs cleaning up a fair bit — I’m still getting used to Swfupload, as well as handling non-flash uploads

Some more work has been done on integrating the user experience between the installer/upgrader/plugin browser, It’d be nice to work out if the page is being loaded via Thickbox or directly, and serve the correct headers, but i have a feeling that’ll be too much work, and as such, should just expect thickbox items to be thickbox served. The other item is the Action links after an upgrade has taken place, due to the error box for re-activation box taking up so much room, the action links are shoved furthur down the page.
One option might be a javascript to increase the height of the iframe to show errors..

Week 10 progress

Its time to get a move on!

  • API is Live!
  • A Diff is available on #6015
  • There are a number of TODO items still, however its definately getting there

Major items to note

  • Read general writeup in this trac comment:
  • The API only returns 6 items per page right now it seems, I might have to look into that
  • upload-a-zip is not yet implemented, however shouldn’t be too difficult – but we’ll see about that :)
  • General testing of the code so far is needed, most of it should work pretty well AFAIK – as i would hope – but YMMV, so get to it! – I wouldnt mind this being commited to WordPress trunk right now, Would make it a lot easier to track progress.. The weeks seem to be flying past right now, and i’ve not got a clue what work i’ve actually done (Uni semester has started, and yet, i seem to have done SFA work..)