Hum, Finally got sick of the number of queries this theme was making, so I’ve added in some caching (Dont know why I bothered really.. WP-Cache2 caches everything anyway).

So The number of queries for this page is now only 24.. Instead of 74.. And now takes a massive 0.015s for all queries instead of.. well.. 0.013s

Press This’s Tags are not working right now under trunk, so, Looks like i’m left with a tagless post :)

Video: “World War” student animation by Vincent Chai – Boing Boing Gadgets

Yet another video, Although i dont like the Music choice for the credits :)

“World War” is a fun final degree project from Vincent Chai, a student of 3D animation at University of Hertfordshire. It manages to supersede typically derivative transforming robot kung-fu shorts by having a good sense of humor, which gives it all a bit of breathing room. Plus I like the notion of WWII-era vehicles as robots.

via Video: “World War” student animation by Vincent Chai – Boing Boing Gadgets.

number of items on each page

Just another quick mention on the layout, The page is now limited to 50 items (Shock horror!) however, It’ll only display whats been posted in the last week (As long as theres > 2 posts in the last week..).. Sounds crazy.. but.. it’ll work out :)