Khoda on Vimeo

What can I say, I was impressed. You’d also do well to check out the other videos on the same profile.

What if you watch a film and whenever you pause it, you face a painting? This idea inspired Reza Dolatabadi to make Khoda. Over 6000 paintings were painstakingly produced during two years to create a five minutes film that would meet high personal standards. Khoda is a psychological thriller; a student project which was seen as a ‘mission impossible’ by many people but eventually proved possible!

via Khoda on Vimeo.

Asides and Cool items

Just a quick mention, I’ve decided to start posting items which i’ll classify as “Something Cool”, These could be short videos, Useful articles, Images, who knows. I’ll try to tag them and see where it takes me, Maybe it’ll stop me from adding hundreds of items to my bookmarks… where they’ll never be heard from again.

And as you can probably see, I’ve also set up some “Aside” sections, with the Yellow background, I’ll generally keep these for quick sniplets of what i have to say :)

Changed site layout

Well, Once again, I’ve tweaked the layout slightly.

I’ve removed the frontpage, I’ve limited it to 2 posts for the front page, and a archives with only excerpts.

All pages are now impossible to get to unless you know their name.. I’ll change that with some widgets at some point.

The active colour on the header links needs changing..

I need to launch my other site

I need to get my mind together and aim to get things finished

I need to work out what exactly i’m doing…

Oh, I also got rid of Gallery2.. Seems it may’ve been causing some load issues.. All the Flood images from Kyogle Jan 08 are here:

Goodbye fair machine..

Today is the day that I confirm i no longer own a eeePC, A few months back, I bought a 2nd hand EeePC 701 for use as a machine for general use while out and about, It got a fair bit of use as a MP3 player and GPS Navigator in the car, But it seems, unfortunately, this lead to its demise.

A few weeks back, A few days before I was to leave for WordCamp AU, I went to the beach for a Night, Was a nice break, Took the laptop with me, Worked great on the way down.

Coming home on the other hand.. Bumpy dirt road, It wasnt too long before it suddenly froze, Well.. GPS Navigation froze up at least.. Music kept playing for another hour until i finally pulled over to fix the machine.

Oddly enough, It was completely frozen, no input at all.. Reboot it.. all was fine.

Was fine the day after, Then it comes to leaving for WordCamp AU, And it refuses to turn on :( …It never regained consciousness.  (Just a sidenote, Thanks to Karloskar for the spare ram to test the ram with.. The new ram didnt help, And It lost its Warranty awhile, I bought it 2nd hand.)

Today marks the day i sold the eeePC 701, Hopefully its screen will bring life to a fellow owners eeePC who’s screen cracked.

So Goodbye Henry(For that is what i’ll call it), I’ll replace it with another unit at some stage, But not another 700 series.

I’ve contemplated the Aspire One, or the MSI Wind, But the chipset limitations of 1GB ram sticks seems utter stupidity (And i have a spare 2GB Sodim ram stick now..). The eeePC 901 looks like a nice replacement in all honesty, I was looking at non-asus items, simply for the fact I thought i’d get a better item from someone who i dont class as the market leader, but it just doesnt look like thats the case. Theres the Samsung NC10 which looks like a really nice unit, Unfortunately its not available in Australia, and i’d prefer to be able to use one before outlaying the cost..

Since January will be bringing a few developments in the netbook arena (New products from a a few manufacturers are rumored) I might wait until Feb before buying again.. Unless I see one of the above items going rather cheaply.. Theres also been talk of the price coming down on the Aspire and others.. But also talk of the cost going up in Aus thanks to the USD/AUD rate :(

..In other news I really need to start blogging more,