Week 6 status report

Whats been acomplished this week.

  • Started putting together a linux box for testing purposes, the VM was becoming rather clunky in performance, Slackware+Apache2+PHP5(module), also plan on doing PHP4 and hopefully safe mode on/off, and perhaps even PhPSuExec if i can manage them all.. I can handle Virtual Hosts OK, just not yet sure on how different PHP settings will work.
  • Removing Serialized data support, moving to XML.
  • Added Ajax loading of next page worth of Theme Search results
  • Started the Plugin Search interface
  • Cleaned up a bit of code.
  • Added a few filters/actions here and there
  • Few minor modifications of the Requirement checking

Plans for Next Week

  • Continue tidying up the plugin search pages
  • Add Plugin installation methods
  • Improve Filesystem handlers
  • start investigating what needs to be done to achieve a plugin/theme upgrader
  • Add more filters and hooks into the code
  • Start writing some documentation on the hooks
  • Start PHPDoc comments for the filesystem handlers(Only in the Direct filesystem class for now, the others are functionally the same) as well as any other functions.
  • Continue testing under other environments, If someone would like to do testing for me, get in touch.

Problems Encountered so far (And useful resources)

  1. PHP XML Functions contain no useful method to convert XML into a flat array simply, theres the option of several PEAR libraries, or simply using preg_match (Which i have done for now).
  2. Bug #3002 affected my only tester this week.. turned out to be the reason the last plugin he tried didnt work as well.
  3. The documentation which explains adding a hook into a plugins code is rather lacking IMO, It took me awhile to find something which could explain a action with multiple arguements, Infact, I think Ihad to do a grep over the WP source code in order to find something, Writing up documentation isnt my strong point, but IMO a good chunk of documenation needs to be written on the codex.
  4. Oh, and TinyMCE suddenly breaking into non-breaking spaces again, Someone got a plugin to strip out non-breaking spaces?, Else i’ll write one next week.

Week 5 status report

Whats been acomplished this week.


  • Started working on “wp-Update-Manager”, a manager for Plugin authors who want to host the Update system themselves.
  • Changed the method that Requirements are checked in wp-Update, also a few small display changes


  • Continued working on wp-Update-Manager, Sorting out weird JS Bugs.(more on this later)


  • Wp-Update-Manager: Can return a Serialised array containing update information for any defined plugin.
  • Wp-update: Handles the update text logic better now
  • Wp-update: retrieving update information from custom defined source works OK (Plugin URI: http://…./)


  • Wp-Update: Fixed a bug with the comparison of Versions
  • Wp-Update-Manager: Slugs not name in url.
  • Wp-Update-Manager: Added a table of Update URI’s.
  • Wp-Update: Major Fix: When running with “short tags = On” you would be greeted with a nice Fatal Error Syntax notice.. oops, all my dev. machines have it turned OFF (And so should you!)


  • Wp-Update-Manager: Fixed a few JS bugs
  • Wp-Update: Added more comments, reviewed the function layout.
  • Wp-Update: Added support for checking if a PHP Extension is available, Implemented a stupid search for version functions from that extension to determine if compatible.
  • Wp-Update: Started some work on the Plugin search UI.
  • Started the ball rolling with getting a data access method into wordpress.org

Plans for Next Week

Hopefully finalise the API, Get some API/hooks into the plugin to allow extra manipulation by other plugins and what not.

Continue with the Documenting of code (PHP Doc commenting), possibly start work on plugin install proceedures(Should use most of the Theme installation code, so shouldnt be that hard).

Investigate bbPress a bit more, I had someone enquire about the possibility of adapting my plugin to work with bbPress, From what i can see it’ll require writing another front end for it, but other than that, it should be possible to re-use all the back end code if i continue into that. Of course at a latter time i’ll be wanting to test with WordPressMU as well.. i’m not sure if theres any major differences that would need to be taken into consideration there.

Problems Encountered so far (And useful resources)

  1. The JQuery tabs plugin cant handle tabs being dynamically added.. Wrote my own version for another plugin i’m working on, Copied it intowp-update
  2. Realised the Tabs JQuery plugin i wrote cant handle multiple tab sections on a page, Added a namespace holder to each tab group.. Started looking ugly at that stage.
  3. Attempted to work out how to create a custom permalink; Custom Queries (Codex) came in useful there..
  4. Ran into a bug with register_activation_hook(), traced it back to plugin_basename() not working on Windows Systems, Turns out its a 11 Month old bug(#3002), Apply the changes from another ticket #4408 and submited a diff back to #3002
  5. More JS Bugs; Remember, Do not create multiple divs with the same ID… JQuery doesnt like it.
  6. Need to work out how to encue jQuery for a single subpage rather than globally into every option page. (check $pagenow, and then check $_GET[‘page’])
  7. Locating the function to create a slug, For future reference, its sanitize_title_with_dashes() no mention of “nicename” or “slug” to be found :)
  8. Completely unrelated to this report, But, Whats the go with TinyMCE breaking out into non-breaking spaces randomly? dont like having to copy-paste to word, do a find replace, and then copy back to code view..

Note: Week 4’s status report was Null and inserted at the end of Week 3’s.

Week 3 status report

Whats been acomplished this week.

Wed:More Filesystem code was written; Specifically find_base_dir() for the FTP class, It should allow the class to find the installation directory on _most_ setups..

Thu: Using the file_base_dir() ftp function i can now install themes via FTP(Using exact same code for both Direct and FTP access), Can also provide a custom base dir in the options panel.

What i’d like to accomplish next week

Complete my Exams :)

As for on the GSoC project, i’ll start to complete what’s been sitting there for the past 2 weeks needing to be done..

EDIT: Week 4: Nothing was done, Exams took priority. Week 5 is now starting, and i’m back up and running.

The Floppy is DEAD

In my mind, Its now official, Although I’ve thought it for a good while already.

The 1.44MB Floppy drive is now long superseded.

Today, purely out of interest, i decided to look up the prices of a Floppy drive, $10.75, with cables selling for $5. Seems a little high for a cable, But i guess there isn’t much demand for them is there?

Next, I thought i’d look up the cost of a 256MB USB Key.
$7, yep, Seven Dollars.

Item Cost Ref
Floppy Drive $10.75 StaticIce
256MB USB Key $7 StaticIce
512MB USB Key $11 StaticIce
1GB USB Key $15 StaticIce
2GB USB Key $21 StaticIce

Ok, So they’re cheap Generics? Pay an extra $5 and get a more brand-name labeled chip.

To think, I’ve never owned a USB Key at all, I’ve got a External Hard drive here (3.5″ one) and a few hard drives, But its not something that i can just carry around with me.
It was tempting not to just grab a few of those 1GB USB keys.. (the link references $9.95, but thats from a ebay-like retailer, i wouldnt touch them for any form of support.. or charging a decent postage price)

But i digress, My point is, The floppy is dead, I dont have any machine here that has a working floppy drive in it, One case has a floppy drive in it simply because it wasnt worth the effort removing the screws.

I’ve got a floppy drive and cable sitting rolled up on my shelf, its got a working floppy with it, and is only used for those odd occasions where i need to recover from a Bad Flash, Thats enough for me.