The Floppy is DEAD

In my mind, Its now official, Although I’ve thought it for a good while already.

The 1.44MB Floppy drive is now long superseded.

Today, purely out of interest, i decided to look up the prices of a Floppy drive, $10.75, with cables selling for $5. Seems a little high for a cable, But i guess there isn’t much demand for them is there?

Next, I thought i’d look up the cost of a 256MB USB Key.
$7, yep, Seven Dollars.

Item Cost Ref
Floppy Drive $10.75 StaticIce
256MB USB Key $7 StaticIce
512MB USB Key $11 StaticIce
1GB USB Key $15 StaticIce
2GB USB Key $21 StaticIce

Ok, So they’re cheap Generics? Pay an extra $5 and get a more brand-name labeled chip.

To think, I’ve never owned a USB Key at all, I’ve got a External Hard drive here (3.5″ one) and a few hard drives, But its not something that i can just carry around with me.
It was tempting not to just grab a few of those 1GB USB keys.. (the link references $9.95, but thats from a ebay-like retailer, i wouldnt touch them for any form of support.. or charging a decent postage price)

But i digress, My point is, The floppy is dead, I dont have any machine here that has a working floppy drive in it, One case has a floppy drive in it simply because it wasnt worth the effort removing the screws.

I’ve got a floppy drive and cable sitting rolled up on my shelf, its got a working floppy with it, and is only used for those odd occasions where i need to recover from a Bad Flash, Thats enough for me.