Time to get naked

…Who’s with me? :)

I’ll be participating in CSS Naked Day on April 9th, So to those of you who think your browsers stuffed up, Its not :)

You can find more information over here: http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2008/04/07/strip-down-your-blog-css-naked-day/ and Annual CSS Naked Day

PS. If you missed it: http://dd32.id.au/?naked (Or it hasnt arrived yet :))

(Its a shame my theme has the sidemenu’s before the content… I need to design myself a new theme..)

Remove Max Width

Plugin homepage: http://dd32.id.au/wordpress-plugins/remove-max-width/

With WordPress 2.5, A new Admin interface has come around. And while it looks great, A few design choices have been made which i dont agree with. The main one is  setting the max-widdth on the pages to limit the horizontal span of the pages(Particually the edit pages).

The admin, Notice the whitespace on the right of the page?

Gap on the right of the WordPress Admin

I dont like the whitespace on the righthand side, and as a result, i’ve decided to write a short plugin to over-ride the width CSS, so that afterwards, The admin looks like this:

It is very much a personal choice if you like to have a wide window, or a smaller one, So my advice is that if you find the whitespace anoying, Give this a  go, If its too wide, just disable the plugin and go on your merry way :)

You can download the plugin here: http://dd32.id.au/files/remove-max-width.zip