Theme modifications

Slowly but surely i’m modifying the theme to add extra functionality or make it easier to read.

I’m trying to bring some more colour into the site, And the front-page is going to be getting a make-over at some point in time..

I’m also syncing the site with WordPress 2.7 trunk every few days (As i have been for the past few months), 2.7’s coming along pretty nicely, the Admin design is really starting to grow on me too :) – I dont think i could use the 2.3 or 2.5/6 style interfaces again..

Threaded Comments & new post galleries

Well, I’ve SVN’d up to the latest version of WordPress 2.7, And as such, I’ve enabled Threaded comments on this blog.

More information about Threaded Comments is available in the Trac Ticket.

I have also implemented some gallery functionality (By that, I mean *more* of a gallery function than a Stock WordPress install has) into my theme, I’ll be replacing Gallery2 with the new WordPress Gallery functionality shortly, You might be surprised at what you can achieve with a theme and the right gallery functions :) – Hopefully you’ll see this when i load the Gallery2 items into WordPress.

New Site Theme

Well, If you’re a RSS reader, Please come on over to check out my new Site Layout.

I’m slowly putting this back together with a new theme, So take note of any major bugs which you notice, and give me a yell. I know IE is going to be a bit picky, i’ve done my best (And most of them are ironed out) but of course, it’s doing seemingly random things. (Took me 2 hours to get a padding error with the sidebar in IE destroying the post alignments, Still havnt got the footer working right in IE)

Some things to note:

  • First and foremost – A bit of a face look
  • Gravatars are supported now, On the commenting form, You’re avatar should appear when you add your Email address, IF you do not have a Gravatar Avatar, Head on over to and get one :)
  • Post Primary categories are now shown before the Post title, Previously they were added manually (Eww..)
  • Homepage is now not my Blog entries, Its destined to be a quick access page to the various locations on, My plugins, Summer of Code, And other applications will be featured. (Oh, As well as Galleries/images attached to various posts).
  • Homepage will probably also include ramdom images/sites i come accross — We’ll see.
  • A few technical things which i’m proud of in there too, It’d be supprising to some people the ammount of custom code for this theme (only 800lines for functions.php)
  • Bugs’a’Plenty

Well thats all for now.