Kyogle Flood: Jan 2008 Final wrap up.

Sorry for the delay in the posting of this message, Its just something i’ve been continuously putting off.

Theres not much i can really report on the topic, So if you’ve got anything specific, feel free to leave a comment and i’ll see if i can dig up the information for you.

The Bureau of Meteorology was nice enough to send me over the river height details for Kyogle/Wiangaree from the 1st of Jan, to 11th of Jan 2008, So for those interested, I’ve put together a graph:

Kyogle/Wiangaree River Levels: Flood Jan 2008

Some points used in the data on the above graph were interpolated from the data given to create a smooth line due to the data for river levels at certain times being missing(I guess they had more important things to do than measure the water level every few minutes :)). The raw CSV data is available upon request.

Current(and previous) News is indexed by Google pretty well:

AFAIK, The only (human)death that  occured during the flood was near Mullumbimby. Source

The photos i took on the 5th & 6th are available here:

Kyogle Flood: Jan 2008 Update

Gallery: After effects & Cleanup

Hi Everyone who’s been searching for more information thanks to the near complete blackout of news info (for some odd reason :P)

First up I thought I’d answer some of the questions left in the comments of the previous post

The water never rose above 18.1m, however, most of the photos in the previous gallery were taken before the water peaked. There are some homes that seem to have just escaped in that gallery, However the water rose a bit more, I spent the morning at a friend of the families down near the river, About a foot of water filled the house, Most items left on the floor or near are water damaged, Most of the time was spent removing wet items from the floor and pulling up carpet, Bit distressing for the kids bedroom having to decide what had to be thrown out because of the damage.

Sorry for the lack of description and location on the older photos, I only had time to install the Gallery software and post the images, I’d have liked to give a good location for where each shot was taken from, I’ve added some descriptions. Also, The cameras date/time was incorrect, so the dates shown were out by a few years.

The local Plant Nursery has a few photos and a short video up as well:…

There is some information and photos available on the 1954 flood here:

To my knowledge there hasn’t been any confirmed reports of loss of life, However, There was 2nd hand information that the choppers in the air were looking for 3 boys who jumped off the Bridge into the water, I’ve not seen any news reports about that however, so unable to confirm.

The water from Town has since been dropping, And has flowed onto flood Casino, And is now heading for Coraki(as well as the water from Lismore), Theres some coverage of that here. The entire area has been classified as a Natural Disaster zone

To all those who have family/friends in town, And to all those affected by the flood waters locally and in the region, I wish you luck and hope that you’ve stayed safe.

Kyogle Flood: Jan 2008

Update: I’ve been out helping friends affected by the water, And have got some more photos, I’ll be uploading and posting a new entry answering most of the questions as best as i can.
Update2: Next Post

Just a quick post right now, Bringing some photos from the Kyogle Flood of Jan 2008

The Richmond River has been expecting to peak about 18m, Currently its peaked at 18.1m, Theres an online view of the current river height here:

For other rivers in the area, Have a look at the BOM‘s main river level page: