WordPress, What cant it do?

WordPress can do almost everything thanks to its great Plugin API system.. But now and then.. You just have to hack the core code to get what you want.. Left Bank Pictures has taken it a step further however, Welcome to Military hacking.. Strike Back style. If you’re wondering where/when, It appears at the start … Continue reading “WordPress, What cant it do?”

Gold Coast WordPress Meetup

*UPDATE*: “Brisbane WordPress” meetup is now go! Thanks to Lachlan & Bronson for making it happen, See http://www.meetup.com/wordpress-brisbane for more details Just putting this out there, Is there anyone who’s up for a WordPress meetup on the gold coast? Nothing like a WordCamp, Just a get-together to meet other Developers and Users, Networking, Etc. I’m … Continue reading “Gold Coast WordPress Meetup”

“WordPress Automatic Installer” has a new name, And a new domain!

Except, Its not currently active, as the domain registrations are pending. For the time being, You may now download a Beta release from http://wpautoinstall.com/ It’ll automatically redirect to the new domain name in a couple of days. So please, Go and give it a test, And report back in the Forums there with  any glitches … Continue reading ““WordPress Automatic Installer” has a new name, And a new domain!”

Announcing WordPress Automatic Installer

Good evening peoples. I’d originally been planning on announcing/releasing this at another time, but plans have fallen through. So instead, Its happening now. This is a small preview video of whats to come, All in all, the  script (as you see it below) is ready to go, I have a few more things i want … Continue reading “Announcing WordPress Automatic Installer”

You know what sucks? Installing WordPress..

Yep. I’ve always hated installing WordPress, When i’m creating a new WordPress install, its because I want to play with it right NOW, not in 10 minutes, not in 30 minutes.. Many people will quote the “famous 5 minute WordPress install” but like nearly every other decent sized Web app. out there, This simply isnt … Continue reading “You know what sucks? Installing WordPress..”

Remove WordPress 2.8’s Default Password Nag

WordPress 2.8 includes a Password Nag for when you’re using a default generated password. This was done intentionally to help forgetful people like myself who make new installs, and promptly forget the admin password.. You can find the Trac Ticket for it here:  #9710 I’ve been asked how to disable it, A fair enough request, … Continue reading “Remove WordPress 2.8’s Default Password Nag”